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Hollow Weenie HOLE Foods Treats with Tricks Humor

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

In a few minutes, I'm heading over to our local Whole Foods store in Garden City for some fun. Seems, they're having a Halloween costume party where employees can compete for the best-in-class outfit. I'm gonna wear my getup I assembled for last Friday's "Procession of the Ghouls" at NYC's Cathedral of St. John the Divine (Devient)...see down further for pics.

EVERYTHING'S better filled with bacon and cheese...


Middle Step:

Final Step:

Here's a guy with a pair...actually 2 pair...

In some posts, I have an epiphany moment...when I realize "This is why I do this stuff!" Well, here's today's:

Lest, we go too far afield...and off our trajectory...of eating healthfully...

"America's Deadliest Missile"

To whet your appetite for healthy food - like you'll find at Whole Foods and other holistic this opening paragraph from the above article:

FRANKFURTER can be found just below Frankenstein in the dictionary. It can also be found immediately beneath contempt in Ralph Nader's vast lexicon of villains. To Nader, the ABM and the smart bomb are scarcely more lethal than a chain of processed sausages. Hot dogs, insists the consumer advocate, are "among America's deadliest missiles." New York City's Consumer Affairs Commissioner Bess Myerson agrees: "After I found out what was in hot dogs, I stopped eating them." This people's entrée, this frank companion of alfresco meals and ball games—can it really be a finger-shaped monster? So it appears.

Close up of my signage

With management's permission, I cruised the store and when spotting people that appeared to be mostly present (as opposed to in-the-store-but-already-thinking-about-their-next-stop...), I engaged them with banter like this....Got many smiles:

"Hi! If you'd like to live as long as me, eat more HOLE foods..."

"Make America GRATE again...Vote for Jerry in 24..."

We become what we eat...

The store has a food therapy area where we can get a mental health check see which food road we're on...

And a meditation garden to help us find the right path to health and wellness...

"We who are on the road must have a code that we can live by..."

Halloween 2023


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