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“Every once in a while try to do something nice for somebody you don't know, even if it's just leaving an opening in traffic for them to merge into, small things like that give people hope that we're not all assholes.”

― Joshua Neik


Hi! For the past few months I’ve reentered Facebook in order to have more interaction, albeit virtual, and I’m sharing my time between posting on my website and on FB. Since many of you are not among my FB friends, I put together this second attempt at a newsletter to let you know about various events and posts. Hope you find something that interests you, informs you, or simply just makes you laugh.


Facebook friends: Please pardon the duplication if you also get an email from me. In the future, I’ll try to eliminate the dups.


Together on the shared journey…to the new world…


tOM (a.k.a. “Columbus”)






Sat. 7/25 1-5 pm EST Cost: $50. FYI – Zoom    I’m going!

Reckoning with our Past: Transforming Racial Pain in America (Ohio Illuman)




BYRON MCMILLAN is a former Army Captain and decorated combat veteran turned nonviolent contemplative peacemaker. He is from Raleigh, North Carolina and a graduate of East Carolina University. Byron is the founder of RiverFlow Communications and has been deeply influenced by the School for Conversion in Durham, North Carolina, the Christian Community Development Association, MIT’s U-Journey, Illuman, the Mystic Soul Project, and the Center for Action and Contemplation, where he completed the Living School in 2019. He humbly acknowledges all his faults and failures on his unending journey of descent where he is slowly learning to observe and experience all things in love. Byron McMillan currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


DR. BILL CLARK has been the Northwest Director of Peace Catalyst International (PCI) since 2012. PCI Is a faith-based nonprofit that works closely with building bridges between Christian and Muslim communities. He and his wife Julie lived and worked in China for 10 years before moving to Kazakhstan. Living and working among Muslims in Central Asia is what birthed in them the desire to be peacemakers upon their return to the US. Slowly that work began to include the painful history of Black people and the systemic racism which undergirds a social system that is designed to work best for people who look like him. Oh, and he did have a side gig as a concert promoter. After discovering the local Bosnian Muslim community loved jazz, he promoted a series of jazz concerts that raised money for humanitarian projects in Muslim communities.


Sat. Aug. 9 8-9:15 am EST

Zoom version of a monthly men’s meeting I’ve been part of for several years.

To attend: this next meeting or future ones, just reply via email or Facebook

For more info:

Illuman: Men transforming men through a power greater than ourselves (blog post)

Men’s Journey page on my website





Four Monday’s starting Aug. 9 7-9 pm EST Zoom

Introduction to Mindfulness Classes

My friend Tom is doing a second round of free classes. First set of 4 were very helpful. Here’s some feedback I included in my evaluation of the first set:

  • “Good balance of information and personal examples delivered in a relaxed, casual style that felt like a conversation rather than a lecture. Pauses for breaths…helped me more easily digest and absorb what you were sharing with us.”

  • “…your body language and your voice said, “welcome” Your smile invited me to feel part of an online family,,,sangha”

  • “After each gathering, I felt satisfied, like after a good meal – I ate just the right amount of delicious food – I was nourished.”

  • “…you created a safe space where I felt comfortable to ask any questions I might have had.”




NYS Poor People’s Campaign 101

TODAY Wednesday, July 22, 2020 6:00 PM-8:00 PM EST


On July 22, please join us for Poor People's Campaign 101. We will discuss the history of the 1968 campaign, the relaunch in 2018 and how we got to where we are today. Most importantly, we will focus on the principles of the campaign and our goals, in particular why shifting the narrative by shifting the narrator is so central to what we do. We will also explore ways you can get involved. Whether you are new to the campaign or would just like a refresher, or perhaps you are wanting ideas on how you too can present the Poor People's Campaign to your organization or community, we encourage you to register for this program and discussion. Spanish and ASL interpretation available


Poor People’s Campaign – National website




Punderdome Pun Competition – currently still virtual – next show 8/6




Keith Crocker’s Movie Presentations – now virtual – next show 7/27

Monday, July 27 at 7pm "The Gold Coast, Long Island and Hollywood"

--Click the above link to find out how to register for these great free events



(& for those of us daring enough to risk getting holes in our overly-opinionated heads)


New: Many newer posts now contain links to YouTube playlists for all songs in that post. So…you can take me with on your adventures into your own Wonderlands.


A Sense-sational Kinda Day

7/22: 5 senses dialed in, I meet children of G-d everywhere I walk: in the air, garden, in the music I hear...


Bastille Day: Have Fun Stormin’ the Castle But Don't Get Fooled:The revolution will/not be televised

7/21: All revolutions must begin in OUR own hearts. Contemplative practices create space where unity can emerge.


Out of the frying pan and into the...MUSIC

7/17: Feelin' fried? Music can help you chill. Pick your favorite Rx: Dead, reggae, gospel, Moodys, Pink, Tull...


Forever Young: Marriage - "Would I rather be right or in relationship?"

7/12: Storytelling & music powers on truth to the next generations - w/Dylan, Neil Young & other prophets


Wisdom in Times of Crisis

7/11: For many folks change create crisis. Come see & hear wisdom from modern day mystics and songwriters...


Montezuma’s Revenge: Man Bites Dog…Dog Bites Man…

7/7 (updated): Going to the ER, I ask guys named Nathan, Montezuma, the Rajah of Canarsie if hot dogs can bring unity.


LADDERS of Success: The Way Up Is Down

7/2: The spiritual path is one of downward mobility, living simply so others might simply live.


Musical Ammunition-1: Intl Reggae Day (July 1)/New Video For Bob Marley's "No Woman No Cry"

7/1: Social change is fought on many fronts. Here's front man Bob Marley delivering his prophetic ammunition...


Primary Day - Exercise the Preferential Option for the Poor

6/23: Thruout history the Source of Love has sided with the poor. Reflections from Abp. Camara, Richard Rohr, others…


Thou shalt cover [sic] thy neighbor’s wife.....but not ogle her through a telescope...

6/22: Father's Day w/my family & Capt America at Jones Beach, joined by Blind Faith, Xavier Rudd, The Drifters…


With G-d on Our Side: Sanitized History - “Purified” with Hand Cleaner & Whitewash

6/21: The "bottom line" is: We've ignored our prophets in order to heap up profits. Dylan, DMB, Neil Young, more…


“I Must be about my Father’s Business” – if Jesus’ dad was a Musician

6/11: What does reggae music, church choirs, Alice Cooper & lab testing have in common? Read on...



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