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Newsletter 6/20/20

(sent as email on 6/20/20)


Hi! For the past 2 months I’ve reentered Facebook in order to have more interaction, albeit virtual, and I’m sharing my time between posting on my website and on FB. Since many of you are not among my FB friends, I put together this first attempt at a newsletter to let you know about various events and posts. Hope you find something that interests you, informs you, or simply just makes you laugh.


Facebook friends: Please pardon the duplication if you also got an email from me. In the future, I’ll work to eliminate the dups.


Together on the shared journey…to the new world…






Poor People’s Campaign – Sat. 6/20 @ 10 am & 6 pm AND Sun. 6/21 @ 6 pm (all EST)


Punderdome Pun Competition – now virtual – next show 6/25


Keith Crocker’s Movie Presentations – now virtual – next show 7/7




“I Must be about my Father’s Business” – if Jesus’ dad was a Musician

6/11: What does reggae music, church choirs, Alice Cooper & lab testing have in common? Read on...


From the Moon to the Vatican: One Small Post for Mankind [sic]

6/9: Musings on the value of higher ed, commandments & art as viewed thru telescopes of humor, music, movies


I don't trust to nothing...I'm just playing in the band

6/5: Grateful Dead's "Playing in the Band" as reply to a Facebook post that asks, "Who are we to trust?"


Aliens among us...Part 1

5/27: Alien encounters another alien while on a mission to save Earth from the Silver Surfer.


Descent into HELL-arity

5/26: Laughter, like music, is good Rx. Exercise your core w/ Mel Brooks, Marx Bros, Dave Barry, & others.


Morning Prayer in the Matrix

5/15: From the liminal space of waking came a prayer to the Chief Architect with Matrix & computer imagery.


Mother's Day & the Sacred Feminine in the World's Spiritual Traditions

5/10: Celebrating the sacred feminine - viewed thru the eyes of the hearts of the world's spiritual traditions.


Wisdom from the East - the American League East

5/10: The caption applies to all of life. Wisdom comes from all corners of earth and from all kinds of folks.


Our Times Call for True Elders not Mere Olders

5/10: We have many olders but few elders. The difference is wisdom not years. I know young folks with it.


Vaccinate Yourself with Music

5/2: Music heals as told thru music, humor & images. Without music you'd be better off Dead.


"We're all just walking each other home"

5/2: Photo essay on the title theme. We're simply here to help one another, to love one another.


For older posts click this link.

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