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Aliens among us...Part 1

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Our first meeting

We first met in the summer of 1969 at Sir George's Smorgasbord Restaurant off Pacific Coast Highway, just north of LA. You were working as a waitress, and as I later learned, you had assumed a human body to hide your alien identity. You didn’t know it when we arrived that night but me and my surfing buddies were also in incognito mode, hoping to locate and detain the Silver Surfer and bring him back to our solar system, where he could be tried for crimes against humanity and other species.

That summer evening (Earthdate July 20, 1969) we descended on the restaurant for our weekly engorgement on the all-you-can-eat menu. After we had cleaned out all the food, we watched as the Earthlings marveled as their first emissary landed on the moon. It was no big deal for me and I noticed that you also didn’t take any special notice of it. More on that in a parsec.

The manager at Sir George’s was really pissed, as we ate up all his profits every week. That particular evening, when we had finished, we asked for take-out - and each of us guys got to take out a different waitress.

Dancing on the dark side of the moon

We then went down to the beach to watch the dark side of the moon and do some moon dancing.

As we talked on the beach, I learned why the moon landing was no big deal for you. We discovered that neither of us were originally from planet Earth, but had taken up temporary quarters and bodies in California because it was easy to blend in with the locals, especially the hippies – they were always spaced out and accepted anyone they met. Even their language – such as “Far out” - intimated that they seemed comfortable with the notion that there might be life on other planets.

--Would you "fall" for an old trick and take an apple from this guy?

Some of the more enlightened humans actually believe in aliens, having seen them during what they called their out-of-body, out-of-mind experiences that sometimes happened at gatherings they called rock concerts and festivals.

Our mission on Earth

To that point, one of my crew named Mike was heading east to attend something called “Woodstock,” in the hopes that he might locate the Silver Surfer. From my previous visits to Earth, I learned that sometimes the best place for an alien to blend in – is in plain sight. I once met a rock band that used this tactic boldly – as they called themselves “UFO” – and had the chutzpah to write a song about the offspring of an interplanetary relationship, which they titled Space Child.


Some Earthlings worship a being without form they call “God.” As part of this practice, they read from special books. I found it interesting that this belief, as they call it, in an extraterrestrial entity allows them to create texts that affirm their acceptance of life on other planets. Their Bible, as it’s known, contains two main parts and each has a reference to otherworldly beings:

--from a book they call "Exodus, near the beginning of the collection, I saw a text marked as "Ex. 2:22" – “And she bare him a son, and he called his name Gershom: for he said, I have been a stranger in a strange land.” This is obviously code for “aliens.”

--and here’s one such example from a book named "1 Peter" near the end of the collection. It states: “Dear friends, I urge you, as aliens and strangers in the world…”

From these words, it would seem that they are also, like us, from another world. I’ll have to follow up on that and see what else we might have in common. Maybe we can enlist their help in finding the Silver Surfer. In fact, he might actually be the devil that they warn their followers about.

God hates ( ) - they fill in the name of the group they love to exclude

Note however, that not everyone who practices religion is accepting of alien life forms or even of other humans who are different from them. Remember my friend Mike who I mentioned earlier went back east to go to Woodstock? Well, he sent me this image he took of a sign that he saw when he visited one of the big cities south of Woodstock:

Walking on the moon

As the night wore on, remember how we laughed at how the Earthlings made such a big deal about walking on the moon. Why, we had each done that many times. Once, Michael Jackson even joined me when he was playing a gig there. You think he moves on earth, you should see him groove in a club that has one-sixth the gravity of Earth.

Oh, besides, we were there first...

We were there first

As proof, remember I showed you these images I happened to have on my EyePhoneX?

You'll note that the above BusKraft was already there when the first humans arrived.

And here's an image of one of the surface craft we use to get around on the moon.

This is one of our HoverBusses that's more practical over rough terrain.

And this is from one of our illustrated stories for children showing our advanced technology. This predated the Earthling's TV show "The Jetson's," which was actually created by fellow aliens posing as members of the Hollywood firm of Hanna-Barbera.

How far would you travel for takeout?

The moon also had a good takeout restaurant that we found out both of us had visited during our frequent trips across the universe playing gigs.

Speaking of good eats, the next time we get together in the far reaches of space, I suggest we go to Mos Eisley's Cantina on Tatooine. It’s has a rough crowd but a hot band.

And there’s another takeout owned by a guy called “Pizza the Hutt” that I heard is pretty good.

Dancin’ on moonbeams

When the night was over, we both agreed that the next time we were on Earth we’d meet again right here on the beach, when the moon was full and its beams danced on the water.

BTW – This video gives new meaning to the pledge the Earthling’s make when they exchange bodily fluids in a ritual called “marriage” in which they say, “til death do us part.”

Let’s plan to meet again

Anyway, give me a call the next time you’re in this galaxy. And, if you ever plan to go to the Ford Galaxie, send me a telepathic message. I got a friend named Lone Starr who hails from there. You can spot him riding in a spacecraft that looks like this:

Some closing comments about Earthlings and their sense of time and space

Personally, I don’t think the majority of people of this planet are ready for time travel and the reality that time itself is an illusion – there is no time. It’s always “now.” There are, however, a few exceptions. Here are two notable examples:

--Ram Dass – an enlightened being who wrote about time travel in “Be Here Now”

--Eckhart Tolle – who emphasized the importance of living in the present moment in a book called “The Power of Now”

That said, even some of their space explorers are still confused about time. Here’s one case. But they are making progress is developing technology that’ll enable them to get around the cosmos more quickly. Note that this is still in the testing phase as we can see in this clip.

If Earthlings screw up their planet, at least one futurist has an evacuation plan

It also appears that a wealthy space explorer named Elon Musk is planning on developing colonies on other worlds. He’s also trying to improve land travel by making it faster and funnier. Why he’s even incorporated gags from a famous space comedy movie.

Music for long space(y) voyages

Travel to the stars requires a special type of music that can help keep the voyager in a state of suspended animation for a long time - possibly years. Fortunately, key Earthling musicians have been developing this suspension-of-time-and-space sound technology since the 60's. Among the most innovative is a band known as the Grateful Dead.

There are too many of their space-travel-friendly tracks to include here, so I'll just highlight a few:

Dark Star - from the Woodstock festival mentioned above

Stardate: 8/9/20 - This post was written when a cool Facebook friend asked her friends to make up an outrageous story about how we met. What you just read is a combination of truth and fiction -in essence, resembling what most of us experience in a typical 24-hour revolution around our star.


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