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Ram Dass - 1972


Ram Dass Website

2019 Documentary - Becoming Nobody

--Watch the Trailer. His “Be Here Now” played a major role in my awakening at a time (mid-twenties) when I really needed help - hmm, was there ever a time I didn’t? : )))


To this day, I find it ironic that G-d used this born Jewish, LSD high priest (with Timothy Leary), who went to India in search of truth – to introduce me to a G-d I had not previously met  - the man Jesus whose words and actions spoke of love and compassion rather than fear and judgment.

UPDATE: A few weeks ago Eileen and I went with a friend and experienced it last night. It was a moving and intimate portrait of a guy who’s seen a lot of life. His wisdom confirmed things I am also experiencing. Rather than putting him on a pedestal, I felt like I was with a fellow traveler and, in his words, “we’re all just walking each other home.”

See my post about "Walking Each Other Home."


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