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Tis the season to stay GRATEFUL! YULE never be disappointed!


I'm reactivating these newsletters to keep us informed about new posts and events.

HoliDAZE Playlist

(51 tunes from my Oct. thru early Dec. 2023 blog posts - To help us take good musical vibrations with us as we travel life's highways, byways, and back roads...)

***When possible, allow time to VIEW the videos, as I've selected many for their VISUAL beauty...

Halloween...All Saints Day...Thanksgiving...Advent...Chanukah...Christmas...

--My hope and intention is that we would be enabled to see the old and familiar in NEW ways...with the eyes of a child...our eyes, hearts and souls filled with WONDER...

Let's begin our exploration with this SOUL-STIRRING song that inspires the name of this website:

A Soul in Wonder - Deva Premal and Miten












Check the BLOG page for recent posts about these holidays. There are 2 for Chanukah, 5 for Advent, 1 for Thanksgiving, 1 for Halloween and 1 for All Saints Day. Plus others on a variety of topics like "First Responders"..."How we see"..."Heaven & Hell"..."Mirth"...and a whole lot more in between...


In each you'll be sure to find #music, #humor, imaginative images and surprises...


Better Together feat. Jack Johnson | Song Around The World | Playing For Change (04:18)

In September, I posted about some of the folks that are helping me wander life's roads with a sense of wonder...

Relationships: Working, Praying & Playing TOGETHER

If you're interested in learning what's currently going on, please text (516-850-2493) or email me (

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