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Anthony Demello - 1973


Anthony DeMello was a teacher, author, and spiritual master. His books have sold worldwide and helped millions of people gain greater awareness and peace. He said,


"Don't seek the truth; just drop your opinions."


Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, Thomas Merton and Thomas Moore have acknowledged the sense DeMello makes of spirituality and the liberation that’s possible in his approach. In the foreword to DeMello’s last book, Francis Stroud, S.J. of Fordham University wrote, "I will never forget the feeling of liberation; the sense he made of spirituality, of prayer, of the meaning of life; his humor; his marvelous storytelling. And it was all done in such a personal style."

My !2-Step sponsor often refers to him and his simple wisdom.

My introduction to Demello was via his book: Sadhana: A Way to God."


Christian Exercises in Eastern Form

Truly a one-of-a-kind, how-to-do-it book, this small volume responds to a very real hunger for self-awareness and holistic living. It consists of a series of spiritual exercises for entering the contemplative state -- blending psychology, spiritual therapy, and practices from both Eastern and Western traditions.

Anthony de Mello offers here an unparalleled approach to inner peace that brings the whole person to prayer -- body and soul, heart and mind, memory and imagination. In forty-seven exercises that teach things such as awareness of physical sensations, stillness, healing of hurtful memories, and consciousness of self and world, de Mello succeeds in helping all who have ever experienced prayer as difficult, dull, or frustrating. The essential key, he notes, is to journey beyond mere thought-forms and discover satisfying new depths in prayer from the heart. This allows for a greater sense of awareness amid silence, and disposes the one who prays to untold riches, spiritual fulfillment, and ultimately, a mystical experience of God-centeredness. Drawing on Scripture, as well as insights from Eastern and Western spiritual masters, the author has a unique appeal that transcends time, culture, and religious background.

For many years a bestseller in the English language, Sadhana has now been translated into more than two dozen foreign languages. Readers the world over have eagerly received this sincere spiritual leader, who has led many toward the wealth of insight and spirit that dwells within them.

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