Wandering Minstrels

Presenting poets, singers and other spoken word artists that, by their art, impact our emotions & our actions: inspiration, consolation, motivation.

Updated 5/9/20


The Journey (0:03:03)

Live to the Point of Tears (0:02:45)

The Opening of Eyes (0:01:21)

On Belonging and Coming Home (0:02:03)


Suzanne (1976) Leonard & Judy Collins (0:04:06)

Lover, Lover, Lover Leonard & Laura Branigan (0:04:42)


Hallelujah (0:07:20)

Anthem (0:09:33)

What Happens to the Heart (0:05:09)

Come Healing (0:04:01)

On Preparing for Death (0:02:35)

You Want it Darker (0:03:49)

Dance Me to the End of Love (0:06:10)


Pity the Nation (0:01:05)

- 2007 work based on a 1938 poem by Kahlil Gibran

- my post citing this poem

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