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Thou shalt cover [sic] thy neighbor’s wife.....but not ogle her through a telescope...

I’ll get to this in a moment…

Eileen and John said I could do what I liked today – Father’s Day.

Song break…

--picked this video because the ocean is one place where I have always experienced the presence of the Lord - from my surfing days until now.

"Now the ocean connects me to everything I know

By mellowing my mind soon my heart, it can call

With these trees as my witness I'll slice up some fruit

And each to their peaceful good intentions and truths

There will be a time, when I will hold you again

with my arms spread out, I would dive right in..."

FYI - Xavier was a featured performer at the recent One Earth Live virtual weekend. His songs and those of all the other musicians and featured speakers are still available at the OneEarthLive site.

So I got to pick, and we went to the beach, got sand on our feet, salt air in our lungs and watched a lot of folks who were showing body parts that would have been better off left to the imagination.

Oh, DYK that Jones Beach Field 6 is now a nude beach? Here’s a photo I took that proves this…

…but you’ll be fined if you don’t wear a mask. Not sure if the law states what parts must be covered…loopholes…or “weaseling” as Fr. Guido calls it.

Afterwards, we headed home, and watched Marvel’s Captain America save the world from Elrond. Oops, from Johann Schmidt / Red Skull (Hugo Weaving).

FYI - The Stark Family – dad Howard & son Tony - are freakin war profiteers! More on that in a future post.

Last summer we watched every Marvel movie. During that adventure, I spotted this guy walking along Hempstead Turnpike near my house. I asked him to pose…BTW – If you know this guy, S.H.I.E.L.D. is looking for him…Looks like he stepped out of a video game.


"Seems like the other day

My baby went away

He went away 'cross the sea

It's been two years or so

Since I saw my baby go

And then this letter came for me"

There's some connection to my early relationship with Eileen. In 1973, after we had dated for a short time, I moved to California to find myself. I didn't go "'cross the sea" but across the country. While I had no plans to return, Eileen later told me that she knew I'd be back for her. In 1975, I returned, eventually reconnected and made it official on April 2, 1978.

These memories came back today after walking in the sand...

Recalls my days (and nights) at Rockaway Beach, NY - the first place I discovered the sport of kings - Uhh, I'm talking about surfing...




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