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76 Part II: My Earthy Origins...

In the beginning...

On the Christmas Eve before my September birth into this world of form, my Dad “rose up” to the occasion and deposited a seed gift into a secret place within my Mom…where she kept it safe and nurtured it until it was ready to surf its first wave down the Fallopian Tubes of life and into the light of that first day…

That Christmas Eve was my conception point (see more in another "76" post)…

"Cogito, ergo sum..."

When folks inquire about my origins…leanings…my influences…


—Father: German

—Mother: Irish

—SNL: France (1)

***“Furthur” back: Stardust (CSN&Y) (2)


A. Atheism

B. Buddhist

C. Christian

D. Daoism (Taoism

E. Evangelical

F. Franciscan (3)

Ans.: F


A. Democrat

B. Republican

C. Conservative

D. Deadhead (R U Kind party) (4)


A. Ram Dass

B. Richard Rohr

C. Jesus

D. Buddha

E. Eileen

F. John (our son) & other conscious youth

G. Friends & family

H. Many musicians

I. Mother Nature

J Groups I hang with (5)

K. All of the above

(1) France

I.I.C.E. - Interstellar Immigration & Customs Enforcement

(2) "We are stardust..."

(3) Franciscan

There are over 44 blog posts that refer to this major influence and Richard Rohr - the person that continues to help me see through this lense...Wander around the garden with Francis and his followers and Explore...You'll find much more than a "bird bath"...

Here's an introduction...

[from the meditation] Richard continues exploring Francis of Assisi’s insights, pointing us beyond the “bird bath” spirituality for which Francis is too often known.

Francis of Assisi knew that the finite manifests the infinite, and the physical is the doorway to the spiritual. If we can accept this foundational principle we call “incarnation,” then all we need is right here and right now—in this world. This is the way to that! Heaven includes earth and earth includes heaven. There are not sacred and profane things, places, and moments. There are only sacred and desecrated things, places, and moments—and it is we alone who desecrate them by our lack of insight and reverence. It is one sacred universe, and we are all a part of it. In terms of a spiritual vision, we really cannot get any better or simpler than that. (click the link to read the full meditation)

(4) Deadhead (R U Kind Party)

(5) Influencers: All of the above

"There's a Grateful Dead song for every occasion..."

I recently added this new section in applicable posts. It originated with my surfer friend - Steve - who introduced me to "playing with cars" - as he termed working on our VW's - his Beetle and my Bus.

Using my artistic license, I'm including memes and other Grateful Dead paraphernalia...

I've used this in other posts and it's really appropriate here.

Jerryovah's Witnesses...

Grateful Dead "conehead" from the Europe '72 album artwork:

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