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What’s happening, baby? Murray the K & his Swinging Soiree


I so loved your 50's music video and am stoked that you included me in the email…considering that my last name doesn’t end in a vowel. 🤣

So much for those slogans about getting older…

...I remember the 50’s and I WAS THERE 😎.

Seeing the Honeymooner’s in your video reminded me that my Grandmother - Julia Burns - once lived in Brooklyn on the same street as Mrs. Dennehy - Chauncey St. Mrs. Dennehy took care of Jackie when his Mom was working in subway booth selling tokens after his father abandoned the family. Reading a Wikipedia article about Jackie, I learned two interesting facts about his early life:

  1. His first girlfriend was Julie Dennehy.

  2. He went to John Adams High School in Ozone Park, Queens - a school several of my friends attended. It was in the town next to the one where I grew up: Richmond Hill.

I know some of your Cummo clan likes to play

...I'm gonna see your "50" and raise you "10" to the 60's...

The 60's, Baby, were groovy...Dig it?

Who else dug Murray the K (Measurry the Keyazay) and his Swinging Soiree? And “submarine race watching” at Pleazum Beazeech on the Belt Parkway?

I once saw him do an afternoon show at the Americana Bowling Lanes in Ozone Park. And his shows at the Brooklyn Fox were a gas.

BUT, before I lay down a bunch of letters & links, let's dig some music, Baby...

--a trailer for the 2021 PBS re-release of the classic 1965 show

...and to loosen us up so we can's a laff clip, Baby...

--this is straight dope about our government's efforts to solicit input on how they should spend "sum" of our tax dollars to help people...There's more info on this initiative in the links that follow...

I was looking for his signature chant (the call of the Submarine Race Watchers) and found it at the beginning of this audio of him and the Beatles.

“Benabay…OO…Benabay…OO…Benabay…Coo e sa we sa wa…”

Great stories of how Ringo joined the band...another of George joining one of Murray’s radio shows...the two chatting about the difference in DJ’s in the two countries…Murray giving George tips on how to pick up women in the US by using the aforementioned call of the Submarine Race Watcher…and some fashion tips...Murray introducing the Beatles at Wembley Stadium- where they led off with “She Loves You.”

Next up, Murray on the set of “Hard Day’s Night”...

In several of the audio clips such as from Miami, the boys mentioned England’s lack of sun. I wonder then if this fact inspired this song…?

Near the end of the previous video of interviews, John recites one of his poems. And, shortly after, Ringo talks about his marriage proposal and where it took place. Hey, no spoilers - you gotta listen for yourself 🤣.

And here’s the song to close out this fun video of the conversations between the Fab Four and the "Fifth Beatle":

Oh "K"...Here's more, Baby...

- Have fun browsing this piece of music history...there are video and audio clips...Baby...

"It’s What’s Happening Baby" performances include:

Nowhere To Run – Martha & The Vandellas

Walk On By – Dionne Warwick

Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter – Herman’s Hermits

Pride & Joy – Marvin Gaye

Land Of 1,000 Dances – Cannibal & The Headhunters

You’ll Never Walk Alone – Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles

I’m Alright – Little Anthony & The Imperials

Be My Baby – The Ronettes

I Don’t Want To Cry – Chuck Jackson

My Guy – Mary Wells

The Seventh Son – Johnny Rivers

The Way You Do The Things You Do – The Temptations

Count Me In – Gary Lewis & The Playboys

Up On The Roof – The Drifters

Stop! In The Name Of Love – The Supremes

You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling – The Righteous Brothers

I Can’t Help Myself – Four Tops

Ooo Baby Baby – The Miracles

What’d I Say – Ray Charles

Murray with the Ronettes...

Murray...still laying down 2021...

by Edna Gundersen, AARP, March 4, 2021

--1965 may have been a year when then-young baby boomers were at war with authority figures over the Vietnam War, but a bold piece of TV programming — funded by the federal government, no less — attempted to bring the nation together around 90 minutes of incredible music that is getting a thrilling replay on PBS on March 6, nearly 56 years later.

READERS: I'm inquiring on how we can watch this piece of music history. To see what's available, I asked my two music gurus: Keith Crocker and his librarian wife Christina...

Here's a Nov. 2022 post on Keith - he combines his passion for music with another for horror...It includes info on where you can enjoy his presentations but I've also included them here:


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