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Mike Duffy: Teacher...Troubadour...Thespian...

Updated: Apr 28

Readers: Please allow me to introduce myself (Oops, Rolling Stones intro...)...Please allow me to introduce my musical nephew - Mike Duffy. Technically, he's Eileen's nephew via her brother Jim and his wife Debby.

In this post, I'll be showcasing his musicianship talents. His day job is teaching English in Pittsfield High School. He also includes theater performances in his bio.


Thanks so much for sharing your Pittsfield TV show gig and bringing your music right to my front door!

First, your strong voice and confidence amplifies the effects of your moving and mindful lyrics about LIFE...

Next, your themes of open roads and open hearts invited me to reflect on similar journeys I've taken...and am still taking... Thanks for providing a portal to THEN from NOW...

(See "moron" this theme further down in the bowels of this ship)

"We have nothing left to lose...and everything to gain..."

--from "DRIVE" - Mike Duffy

...echoes of LOTR, the first moonwalk and every new adventure we begin...

And you really endeared me to your new "tracks" with your inclusion of another popular country/folk music image: RAILROADS...and not just in your lyrics but also in your wedding invitations and on the jacket for your "ALL EARS" number. All Aboard!

Seeing these great photos of Mike and Briana makes me wanna go listen to "Love Train" by the O'Jay's.

Mike, You are a true storyteller who draws us closer to meet you and those with whom you share your life.

Finally, as a teacher, you are leading by example as you continually express gratitude to those who helped you with this latest project...a project that includes one of your own students!

Mike on Pittsfield Community Television April 10, 2024

OKAY, here's the show - featuring all originals...Link follows these images...

...listening to his muse for inspiration...

...then crying out with deep passion...

Mike Duffy Music Facebook Page

Mike Duffy on Spotify

Mike Duffy on Boomplay

All the lyrics are in the link.

Mike Duffy on DistroKid

P.C. (Post Crypt - like "post script") - After the show is over...

As I listened to the lyrics of "Drive" and heard phrases like "Skeletons in closets" and "stamp your feet until them bones rattle to the floor..."...I was wondering if you might be a closet Deadhead. Hmmm???

Found this "Dancing Pint" glass featuring our beloved BEARS:

Here's a dancing pint for your DUFFY side:

And this from our refrigerator art gallery:


A masterful storyteller himself, Mel Brooks takes advantage of his media platform using humor to bring our attention to examples of injustices...

Mike Duffy for "PRECEDENT!"

(Adapted this from your opening monologue)


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