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With Dr. Faustus, MD (a.k.a, Keith Crocker)...It's not what we's what we don't see...

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

First, the facts about Long Island film historian Keith Crocker's upcoming "live" horror film presentations about some dead folks and those who wish they were...

Spoiler Alert: Besides Keith's amazing presentations, his rabid "followers" just ramp up the excitement...Don't believe me? Come see for yourself...

What: In-person Mexican horror film presentations at East Meadow Public Library


  • Fri. Nov. 18 @ 1:00 pm Pop Culture with Keith Crocker: The Man and the Monster (1959) (In-person) ***FREE***

Registration Link

  • Fri. Dec. 2 @ 1 pm Pop Culture with Keith Crocker: Curse of the Doll People (In-person)

Registration will begin on Friday, November 18, 2022 at 9:00 AM

Use this link to all library events and then scroll down to Dec. 2 and click the "Register" link by Keith's event. ***FREE***

You dig horror? Get on Keith's email list. See "Keith Crocker's 'About face"" at the end...Before it's too late...

Okay, you got the let's explore...the catacombs, morgues, and other "dead" ends...

What's next???...Or, Who's next???

Do you still have "reservations" about registering??? No fear, there's always...

Parental Advisory: Kiddies, be sure to ask your mummies and deadies if you can attend…and, if yer “coffin” please wear an appropriate death mask…

Tutankhamen (a.k.a, "King Tut)

Pharaoh Steve...King Tut (SNL 5/22/78) (03:33)

At Keith's events...It's NOT what we see that can hurt you...It's what we CAN'T see...

Here's what you missed at the first of these three Mexican cult horror classics...

Sept 19 @ 7 PM - Drive-In Movie (w/o the car) - Island of Lost Souls

As Keith tells the tale...a shadow lurks near his wife & librarian Christina...

Its blood thirst not sated, it seeks another victim...NOTE: This is REAL...not Photoshop'd...

Whatever you do...Don't let your library books become overdo at THIS library... (04:11)

Monster Mash Up Time...Or, a funny thing happened on the way to the MAUL...

Only The Young sing Monster Mash / Crocodile Rock Mash Up | Live Week 4 | The X Factor UK 2014 (02:44)

Adults...if there are there any here...

This next one is approved for kids. And, for you "responsible" adults, so they can have "fun with a purpose"...ask them to COUNT the monsters...or the cookies...

Sesame Street and Big City Greens - Cookie Monster Nosh and Monsterman Mashup (Halloween Special) (02:36)

Don't just sit there...get up and dance...if you DARE...

Michael Jackson Thriller Monster Mash (Music/Dance Video) (07:07)

KEITH CROCKER's About...faces...

In addition to live and Zoom presentations at libraries, community centers and other venues, Keith also offers courses at LIU-Post.

Keith's most recent e-mail blast:

Good afternoon constituency,

Here is my November/December 2022 update. This contains two months worth of presentations, so please save this email so you can reference it.

As far as adult education goes, I have one courses running at the Cumberland school in Great Neck. On Wednesday, November 9 and 16 I'm doing a course on Cinema and the Two World Wars. You can sign up for this right here: Fall 2022 Catalog You need to get signed for this by this week, so please do if you are planning to attend.

I have two courses running at Hutton House LIU. Abbott & Costello and WWII, is November 7 and 14 (in person). And on December 12 we have BIRTH OF PSYCHEDELIC ROCK (virtual). If you wish to read the course descriptions and register, please do so at this link: Nassau Community college in November. On Tuesdays November 8 and 15, I'll be doing Cannabis in Culture, Cinematic presentations of Marijuana from the 30's through the 70's.

Library presentations-

Wednesday, November 2 North Bellmore Library at 6:30pm Film Noir Thursday, November 17 Half Hallow Hills Library at 2pm Carol Burnett Friday, November 19 East Meadow Library at 1pm The Man and the Monster (1959) Screening

Monday, November 21 Bryant Library at 1pm World of Hammer- Trials of War (virtual)

Monday, November 28 Bryant Library at 1pm They Drive by Night (1940) Screening

Friday, December 2 East Meadow Library at 1pm Curse of the Doll People (1961) Screening Monday, December 5 Bryant Library at 1pm World of Hammer- Costume Pictures (virtual) Monday, December 19 Bryant Library at 1pm Christmas Holiday (1944) Screening

Folks, I ask that you please register at each library for each presentation or screening, as these days libraries seem to require this.

Also, I know many of you may already know this, but I have a side business that specializes in transferring 8mm, super 8mm and 16mm to disc or thumb drive. I can also put VHS & Beta to disc, 8mm video to disc, etc...So feel free to email me or hit me up after a presentation if you are in need of such services. I can supply testimonials as well. As always, I thank each and every one of you for your support. Kindest regards, Keith J. Crocker Cinematic Seminars


LIU - Hutton House Winter/Spring Catalogue



Keith Crocker

Join us as we trace the creation of the folk rock movement by analyzing the influence of

Bob Dylan on the Beatles and the Beatles’ effect on electronic sound of the Byrds. Dylan’s

introspective lyrics brought a mature subject matter to the forefront of the Beatles’ writing,

yet the Beatles’ twangy guitar sound bounced back to the United States and gave an

electrical undercurrent to folk fused music of the Byrds. Trace the power of inspiration via

lyrical analysis and clips of each artist in action.

1 – 2:30 p.m.1 session

Monday, January 23Fee: $30

I'm registered! Come join the fun...

#music #humor #KeithCrocker #SteveMartin #Ghostbusters #EastMeadowPublicLibrary #SesameStreet #MichaelJackson

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