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Gratefully welcoming new life...for Parents, Grandparents, Caregivers

Table of Contents

In the Beginning... it was at the End...This is all that you need to know...

...It's also the final test question

Welcome to our planet...Third ROCK from the sun...

Baby Apparel...Paraphrenalia

Grateful Dead Kids -


Pink Christmas: Grateful Dead’s Care Bears Coolers Are Back In Stock for the Holidays

Chillin'...nap time...bed time...any time...

Casey Jones - Lullaby Renditions of Grateful Dead - Rockabye Baby! (01:09)

School Daze

Hopefully, your caregivers will include musical education.

Here's why...

Music Empowers: SPREAD MUSIC NOW

The Grateful Dead and the Culture of High School - HuffPost


FYI - "27" is a significant number..."27 Club"...

BTW - Today - 4/27 - Witches Brew Coffee House is celebrating its 27th year...YAY!!!

Who said history is a DEAD subject?...

Creative ways to learn days of the week

Grateful Dead - Mason's Children (12-28-69)

Grateful Care of Animals

If she/he gets an indoor pet...

...or keeps one in the yard...

Saturday Morning CarTUNES...

Very Looney Tunes (1:14:16)

Be sure to click "Subscribe" for more fun from this YouTuber.

You can also click HERE to see their YouTube channel.

Goldilocks and the dancing bears

Seems nobody's yet combined these two in a meme...but I did locate Goldie (or a piece of her)...

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Three Little Birds (Official Video) (03:12)

Magic School Bus: Retro/Update

Enhanced Cartoon Characters

Grateful Dead-Ripple (Grateful Dead meet Charlie Brown) (04:12)

Re-imagining other children's classics...

White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland) Jefferson Airplane (02:53)

Play Dates

What Is Rock and Roll Playhouse? (01:28)

A Grateful Dead Father's Day at The Rock and Roll Playhouse | 6/16/19 (02:40)

The Rock and Roll Playhouse's Music of The Grateful Dead for Kids :: Brooklyn Bowl :: 11/11/18 (1:03:04)

Gnarly Marley 2023 Earth Day Celebrations

Holidaze Safety

Let your little ones safely enjoy Halloween candies like Gummy Bears by making them at home…


When they get older, take them into NYC for this annual scarefest

St John the Divine Halloween Extravaganza 2008 Procession of the Ghouls (09:39)

--I went with a friend in 2018. To bring some balance to the Forces of Darkness, I dressed as St. Francis of Assisi, complete with a bird's nest atop my head.

--at one point in the evening, they show a classic horror film on a big screen... the sanctuary above the altar

And a little child shall lead us…

When you get older...but not losing your hair...

Church & State


Get involved in voting...and despite what some adults might tell have choices:

VOTE: - Let our voices be heard

--Bob Weir is a national spokesperson. Headcount volunteers set up stations at shows and concerts where they encourage folks to register to vote.


Another area where you'll be asked to choose is spirituality...don't settle for religion...despite it's Latin root ("re-ligio" - to join together)...most are simply saying "Hooray for OUR side" or "My way or the highway"

YES, the Grateful Dead are a KULT…

Yes, "Weir" a cult…a KULTure of KINDness…

Atheists Don't Have No Songs - Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers feat. Edie Brickell (03:03)

Aging with Grace...

When I'm 64 Lennon/McCartney arr. Billingsley (02:53)

"Every summer we can rent a cottage in the Isle of Wight

If it's not too dear

We shall scrimp and save

Grandchildren on your knee

Vera, Chuck and Dave"

Mindful Self Care: Tye Die...Tai Chi...

Tai Chi, Green Building and The Grateful Dead: A Sustainable Golden Braid

--Coincidentally, three of the greatest loves of my life, Tai Chi, Green Building and The Grateful Dead all embody elements of Integration, Synergy and Collaboration. It is through doing Tai Chi, practicing green building and playing Grateful Dead Music, that I weave my thread. And it will be so inspiring to hear how others are doing their weaving and how we can assist one another in this most important personal and collective mission of Sustainable Living, referred to here as The Golden Braid. As it is written in the Dead Song, Terrapin Station:

"I can't figure out

if it's the end or beginning,

but the Train's put its breaks on

and the whistle is screaming."

Practices for martial...marital...balance...

HYPERFLY + The Grateful Dead (0:32)

Those were...these are...the good old days...

89 year old grandma Mrs. Cox sings Grateful Dead from the nursing home. (04:03)

--Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart has worked for yours with neuroscientists on using music to help people with cognitive impairment. He tells a story that his grandmother was able to remember his name when he played for her...

"Weir" known by the company we keep...

Non-Sequitor (sort of...can you find the thread???)

On my monthly trips to my alternative medicine doc in CT, I pass a town that causes my 5th-grade male mind to chuckle. How 'bout yours???

How is Mianus (my-anus) not the oddest name in CT?

Plan a Head...Family Planning...for future new lives...

Mickey Hart - Music to Be Born By (0:48)

--he recorded his son's heartbeat IN UTERO...and quips that he's the world's YOUNGEST recording artist. : )))

We bid you Good Night...

The Dead like other performers covered Gospel classics like this one.

First, we'll hear from the Motherland...

Soweto Gospel Choir Blessed in Concert: I Bid You Goodnight (04:23)

Next, from the Meadowlands...

We Bid You Goodnight (encore) Grateful Dead 10 16 1989 Meadowlands, NJ (05:34)

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