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Getting to know you - 2: Local/National Indigenous...from their hearts & lips & drums...

Updated: Apr 24

Tuesday April 25 7-8 PM @ Roosevelt School of LIU Brookville, NY

Note: After clicking the RSVP Link below, there's a place on the form to enter our questions for this presenter. It has an unspecified character limit. About 200 characters?

RSVP Link:

'Yellowstone' Star Mo Brings Plenty Wants to Pave The Way for Future Native Actors (Oct. 2022)

Long Island's Indigenous: Thunderbird Sisters - Music & Activism from the Shinnecock Nation

Sunday May 21 5-6 PM Doors open at 4

Latest Flyer:

Sponsored by Hampton's Community Outreach. It's a free event but HCO will be pleased to accept any and all donations to support their home renovation projects on the Shinnecock Reservation. You can read more about in an article a little further down this post's path...

Easy, convenient parking on this sacred place held by some other mindful ladies - the Sisters of St. Joseph (they taught me in grammar school in Richmond Hill, NY.

I meet here in a monthly circle with Men2Men - guys simply sharing the journey TOGETHER.

After our April 2023 circle, I wandered some around the grounds - which include a solar array, labyrinth, chickens, and more. Coming soon: Thera Farm's organic farm.

I did a post last August about it.

...and have others planned...especially after wandering around their "cosmic walk"...

I've been getting to know some members of this Long Island indigenous nation through my participation with the Multicultural Solidarity of Long Island's regular Friendship Circles.

You can read about them here - post includes contact info.

Thunder Bird Sisters - the Briar and the Rose (03:28)

--Native American/Shinnecock based singers performing at Sag Harbor Music Festival 2021

...a sad tale about the interconnectedness of joy and sorrow...

Long Island Music Hall of Fame/Inductees


As noted above, these valiant warriors don't just sing...

Shinnecock Nation Asserts Sovereignty At Sunrise Highway Encampment WSHU Public Radio (2020)

--another in the ongoing struggles about whose land is it...and the resulting "LAND BACK" initiatives...

Hampton's Community Outreach 2022 Benefit Concert Featuring Thunderbird Sisters and Starlight Tyler

--Join us Thanksgiving weekend and Native American Heritage month for The Song Bird Series, featuring Thunderbird Sisters and a guest performance by singer/songwriter, humanitarian, and Native American Music Awards (NAMMY) nominee, Starlight Tyler.

At 5:00 PM, the Thunderbird Sisters and Starlight Tyler will perform original songs and classic covers. Coinciding with the concert is a silent auction which will be live for bidding and on view at The Church starting at 12 PM. This program is a celebration of the Native American culture, and all ticket proceeds will go to benefit Hamptons Community Outreach’s efforts to end the housing crisis on the Shinnecock reservation. So far, HCO has renovated and repaired 22 homes within the Shinnecock territory. Doors for the concert open at 4:30 PM. When speaking on their music, The Thunderbird Sisters share,

“May our songs, our words and our actions seek and realize justice, that we might one day live together in Peace on Good Mother Earth.” 

Conscience Point Film - PBS (11/18/19)

--Directed by Treva Wurmfeld A Native American activist fights to protect her tribe from the onslaughts of development in the Hamptons.

About the Documentary

Beneath the mystique of The Hamptons, among the wealthiest zip codes in the U.S., lies the history of the area’s original inhabitants, the Shinnecock Indian Nation, who were edged off their land over the course of hundreds of years, relocated to an impoverished reservation, and condemned to watch their sacred burial grounds plowed to make way for mega-mansions and marquee attractions like the exclusive Shinnecock Hills Golf Club–five-time host of the U.S. Open and literally carved out of a sacred Shinnecock burial ground.

Conscience Point tracks this fractured history alongside the spirited path of one woman determined to make a stand: Shinnecock activist Rebecca “Becky” Hill-Genia who, together with other determined tribal members and allies, has waged a relentless, years-long battle to protect the land and her tribe’s cultural heritage from the ravages of development and displacement. Now both the Shinnecock Nation and town residents face a new challenge; the onslaught of elite newcomers who threaten the very place they intend to cherish.

Just what the truth is we can't tell any more...b/c we weren't told...BUT, that's changin'...

Elder's Dos and Don'ts checklist About Native American Issues and stereotypes - White Wolf Pack

--The post's thumbnail image (also shown below) came from this article addressed to all who teach...

With G-d on our Side: The Doctrine of Discovery, unHoly Roman Empire & other matters...

(from intro) Travelers:

The facts and comments about them contained herein DO NOT apply to the WHOLE class of religious organizations of all types. However, they DO apply to all those in every corner of our shared world that invoke THEIR version of G-d to justify ANY injustice toward ANY other fellow human being.

Also from this post:

We were planting corn and they were planting crosses." ~ Faithkeeper Oren Lyons

You can LEARN MORE about this Onondaga Nation wisdom elder online. Here's one article that I'll see why...

Sean Kirst: 'It put us in a terrible bind': Six Nations elder Oren Lyons on church 'Doctrine of Discovery' - April 3, 2023

Article includes:

Doctrine of Discovery - Oren Lyons (05:59)

And this 1971 photo:

King Clave | Planet Drum ft. Mickey Hart | Playing For Change | Song Around The World (02:48)

--This PFC around-the-world DRUM CIRCLE includes a native dancer from Arizona. I just found out that one of the Thunderbird Sisters also digs Playing for Change.

If you dig drums, beat it : ))).....No, STAY and check out the "Drum Therapy" section in this recent post.

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