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Art for heART's Sake

“Be a part of the most powerful creative force in the universe – the connecting of human hearts

--on a previous Baha'i ArtShare event flyer made by member Agnes Wolf (see below)

Here's an image I found this morning...a many-splendored way to introduce a few events that might inspire us to appreciate one another’s artistic, cultural, religious and racial diversities on this grey morning…

...Listed in CHRONOS-TIME ORDER...

ACT I: THEATER NYC - March 14-31

Our friend John Payne (the man in the "gray flannel suit) is in a new play that opened last night in NYC’s La Mama Experimental Theater. It runs through March 31.

I’m heading there tonight…

The Story

Set in a diner off the New Jersey turnpike, two historically-linked American families explore the roots of their trans-generational trauma through difficult conversations on racism and white supremacy. Stricken with guilt, Jim Taney, a descendant of Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney, who penned the infamous Dred Scott decision of 1857, offers an apology to the family of Walter Scott, a descendant of the formerly enslaved Dred Scott. Walter, and a Chorus of other characters, investigate why an apology alone will not absolve Jim. As protest theater, the play confronts the concept of white “wokeness”, the boundaries of white liberalism, and unveils the shared national consequences of white supremacy; serving as an entryway into a dialogue on reparations.

TALKBACKS (after the show)

Friday, March 15: Lynne Jackson, great-great-granddaughter of Dred Scott; Charlie Taney, great-great-great-nephew of Roger B. Taney, Kate Taney Billingsley, and Estelle Parsons

Thursday, March 21: Estelle Parsons, Kate Taney Billingsley, Rick D’Avino and more

Saturday, March 23: Michelle Greer, descendant of the Hill family

Tickets (senior prices available)

ACT II: AUTHOR SHARE Islip Saturday - March 16 1-2 pm

Pramila - a fellow member of Multicultural Solidarity of LI Friendship Circles - will be speaking tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at the Islip Arts Council on her book about the Jews of Kerala India. Starts at 1:00 pm. Contact me if you'd like to know more these folks and be sure to visit their Facebook page at the above link.

No registration needed...FREE...First come...first served...


Islip Arts Council 1701 Sunrise Highway, Bay Shore, NY 11706, United States

INTERMISSION: "If you feed me...I will come..."

Those who know me know that besides enjoying many varieties of music, humor, cultures, religions and such...I especially "relish" foods of many nations - and especially sweet ones.

My Irish grandma - "Nanny" (Julia Burns) used to quip:

"Life's short, so eat dessert FIRST!"

At one of our recent gatherings with our Baha'i friends, we were treated to a feast for our eyes and paletes, as a woman who's affectionately known as a "FOOD ARTIST" served these and other delicacies. She's a true Gastronomic Van Gogh. And his, while beautiful, they are not edible...

FYI - My daily hangout - Witches Brew Coffee House in West Hempstead practices her "sage" advice by positioning their dessert display right at the entrance to this wonder-filled eatery.

When I did some preparatory browsing in anticipation of Pramila's subject, I learned that this tribe of Jewish nomads are known for certain spice cakes and other such sweet treats. Therefore, I am hoping that when I embark on my personal "spice trade route"...I will be able to find a local source. But, don't be concerned...I won't repeat history and try to colonize the place. : (((

ACT III: OPEN MIC: POETRY/PROSE - Saturday March 16 @ 7 PM

To reserve your FREE place call Harriet: 631-219-1228

Here's a post about our recent ArtShare event where each participant brought their favorite song and, if willing, a story about it's place in their life. The post contains 2 playlists totaling 20 tunes.

  • Monthly themes will rotate among written, visual, performing and musical arts.

“Be a part of the most powerful creative force in the universe – the connecting of human hearts”

--on the previous event flyer made by member Agnes Wolf

ACT IV: MUSIC FILM/TALK East Meadow - Monday Mar. 18 1 PM

Keith's presentation info

The Circus is coming to town...MONDAY...with not 1 but 2 ringmasters...ringleaders:

Keith Crocker and Mick Jagger....Keith's music and horror presentations are sure to please.

Here's a 2022 post about one.

Psssst...Christina served awesome caramel popcorn

To view Keith's March & April from my Home Page, select "Events" then "Keith Crocker's Film Presentations":


Every 2nd Wednesday at the Long Beach Public Library hosted by The Shore Poets.

This past Wednesday, I attended AND, for the first time...AS A PARTICIPANT...Several friends who live in Long Beach - Tom and Jill - cheered me on (with Shore Poets-supplied noisemakers) as Eileen recorded my first open mic performance (it's in the post).


This next entry caught my musical ears and eyes - and at a beloved meeting place with Harriet and Ellen and the rest of our friends of Long Island’s Baha’i Fellowship:


There are 2 remaining Sunday's in this FREE program that takes place inside the Carriage House.


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