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A Peel to the Monkey Mind

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Yesterday…all my troubles seemed so far away…Oops

Yesterday, I learned how to open a banana…

See, I’m being shown (at 75), that learning never ends…new courses are available every moment. Why, just last year at 74, I discovered gelato.

Hey, my Italian friends! Watsa madda you??? Never tell me about this iced treasure!!!

I had to discover it in Connecticut...

Yesterday, I spent a great day with Brian, a new friend. First stop was a 1960's music lecture ("The Politics of Persuasion") by another friend - Keith Crocker - at the Merrick Public Library. (Keith also covers HORROR films - Click here for recent post.)

Afterwards, we got some lunch and traded stories, discovering that we had a lot of common ground and interests - that, despite a difference of 30 years in age. A big sympatico was our affinity for the Grateful Dead. Why, Brian once worked for Mickey Hart.

At one point in our conversation, Brian explained a proper AND EASIER way to peel one of my favorite fruits.

Below, here’s Brian demonstrating…😂

Only kidding, Brian!!!

Monkey Opening a Banana

Yes, Barbara and others who might be concerned - we used a union monkey!

We humans, however, need instructions:

So, at breakfast this morning I took a selfie to show my teacher that I learned something…

Thanks, Brian!


Barbara et al…the electricians in the next video are from the union...

Post-Post Addition

--I was describing this post to Eileen and she said, "What about Monkey Business?" I got a GRATE lady!!!

A la the Beatles…the 60’s gave birth to music videos

I sometimes say how I have a Muse leading me around the web:

Well, just now, I channeled Saint Valentine to find this cartoon version that mentions his name 😉

Here’s a great cardio workout to use your banana-fueled energy…


“The internet is like amphetamines for the monkey mind…”

Below, there are more helpful tips on taming this guy...

I dedicate this next one to my friend Richie who’s teaching Eastern Arts like Tai Chi and Qigong to us on the dock in Hempstead Lake State Park on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 8-9:30 AM. For info, contact me.

Here's this morning's setting. That's our teacher - he's always there already practicing before we arrive...Leading by his example...

Richie has mentioned Wim Hof - the subject of this next song - on numerous occasions. Wim, an endurance mentor, focuses on learning to control our breathing, as well as the benefits of immersing ourselves in cold water. HEY, one out of two is a start...

--Oh! He's also a musician

(from the article) According to Buddhist principles, the “monkey mind” is a term that refers to being unsettled, restless, or confused...The first step in doing so is to become grounded and calm the mind—that is, remember to be in the here and now. Being present in this way is called mindfulness. It is an essential state for inspiring the best writing because it taps into the messages of your heart and soul. Being mindful encompasses awareness and interconnectedness between your inner and outer worlds. If you are more awake and alert, you can more easily receive messages from within as well as from the universe.


It's no coincidence that my banana guru - Brian - and I attended the same Half Step show at the Malverne, NY LIRR station in October 2022.


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