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Monkey and the Engineer

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

ALL ABOARD...for the Promised Land...where the music of the Grateful Dead plays all the time...right on time...and "you don't need no baggage you just climb on board..."

This is a hastily drafted post as the Half Step train is due at the Malverne LIRR station at 2:00 PM. That said, I'll be adding to it after today's show departs the station...

See, I wanted to make a QR code for this post for the engineer's hat I made (also hastily)...

Later, at the Malverne Fall Street Festival with my friend Brian...I'm so glad the monkey held on for this photo...Otherwise, we'd have to let the viewers decide who was the monkey...

"Hey, tOM, watch your speed!"

Monkey and the Engineer - Barton Hills Choir (02:47)

4 year old sings "monkey and the engineer" (01:43)

Grateful Dead - Monkey And The Engineer - 10/31/1980 - Radio City Music Hall (03:39)

Alternative Musical DEADucation for your little engineers

Rock and Roll Playhouse

The Rock and Roll Playhouse's Music of The Grateful Dead for Kids :: Brooklyn Bowl :: 11/11/18 (1:03:04)

Barton Hills Choir

--BHC website

--BHC YouTube channel

22 Best Songs about Trains and Locomotives

Vinyl Community V226: Tracks and Trains Songs By The Grateful Dead (10:08)

Monkey Minds

Remember this early version...

Well, even more important - as it's an essential predecessor to ALL the this ONE...

Our thoughts lead to and fuel our actions...

The Monkey steals the show...and the train...

Get on your Marx...Get Clouseau...

Monkey Business (1931) Trailer (02:21)

The Marx Brothers "Monkey Business" (1931) Full Movie!! (1:08:18) on YouTube

Inspector Clouseau and the Seeing-eye Minkey (03:00)

Now for some serious Monkey business...

hey HEY We’re The Monkees! (Hindu [Hanuman] version) (02:29)

Reader: There's more monkey business coming...stay

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