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You take Jack my dog...

On a recent Saturday, I spent a delightful few hours at Witches Brew - a local West Hempstead coffee house where I met with Jack and Michelle, his caregiver - an interesting woman who demonstrated to me that Jack has good taste in who he selected for this important role…

A teacher, activist and motivator, she talked about art, face painting, face painting parties, a mobile truck to bring the party to the people...

This lunch date developed because a group Eileen and I are part of, invited us to get together with someone we didn't know, and, where possible, with someone from a different race..NAW, we're both from the human race...Different color? I'm trying to navigate this new place of how to distinguish people...LABELS...Anyone care to assist me?

That said, my typical circle of friends had mostly includes people of white skin.That began to change a few years ago, as we began meeting regularly with folks in two groups that I've written about often (see post link at the end):

--Multicultural Solidarity of LI Diversity Friendship Listening Circles

--Baha'i Fellowship of LI

“Mark Zuckerberg’s theme song”

This was posted in the comments for the Police’s video on YouTube.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program...story...

Danny, one of the coffee house proprietors, greeted us and led us to one of the tables in the outside seating area, which faces the West Hempstead Fire Department's lot. He brought a bowl with fresh water for Jack.

Jack got very quickly attached to Kayla, our server, who has a special affinity for the special friends. She's also studying to work in animal care. Michelle also said that Jack has separation anxiety and barks whenever someone he likes leaves.

Eileen and I have a long time friend DoryAnne who also has a faithful companion named Jack - also a Jack Russell Terrier. Further proof that dogs named Jack are in a class by themselves and have excellent taste in women

Robbie's song recalled this passage from Galatians:

The Morning After

The next morning as I was reflecting on my afternoon with Michelle and Jack...I got led to new places like this movie - one based on a true story. THIS IS WHY I LOVE MY "JOB"!



Just found this on the same page as the poem.

From my sister Peggy

Not just dogs get upset...

We're all walking each other home...


[from intro] WELCOME! Come meet some of the people and places that are enriching my current experience of life.

I'm offering them in a new way for me...For much of my adult life, I've been more focused on the tasks rather than the relationships...As this has been gradually shifting, I find that I'm starting to pay more attention to developing relationships with the people with whom I'm doing things.

With some of these folks, we are meeting in places that are conducive to the formation of ties: sacred spaces like peoples' homes, outdoor habitats, restaurants/coffee houses...WHERE we frequently share meals.


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