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Wishin' us a Grateful Chanukah!-1

All stories that are interesting...memorable...inviting...begin with a joke or a song...Also, this is yet another why I post - to "learn new things"...some of which are very old...

Live from New's Chanukah Light...


Walking in the darkness, sorrow all around

Looking for some joy, for a hopeful sound

Just when I start to give up, seems there's nothing there

A little glow appears, shining from nowhere

Chanukah light burns so bright

Lifts my soul raises my sights

Chanukah light feels so right

Eight small flames shining through the night

The darkness starts to lift now, help is on its way

Hopelessness is starting to fade away

I lift my eyes to heaven where my help is from

The light, now, from the flames shines for everyone

The light is piercing through the darkness

Shining 'til forever

There's hope and love and brotherhood

That's bringing us together

Open up your heart, make a brand new start

Chanukah's the time to take part

Okay, we're warmed up...Let's continue by clearing the our throats as we look at:

Next, don your thinking cap (yarmulke) and explore with me...

From the El (CTA)

"Happy Hanukkah"

Happy Hanukkah

I wanna give a gift to you

Light up the nights my love shine through

From Mount Zion this is what we do

Bring love to you.

Today is the day

Tonight is the night

Sun set twilight

Head back come along take flight

Fly high Twinkle as I sprinkle Shooting into the sky

Stars shine in my eyes

Yes I'm feelin alright

Light a candle For the one you love

We send light from below to above

Eight nights celebrate till I fly in the sky like a dove

To Hell...Ground Zero...

For our Children...from Staten the World...

...This is ONE WAY to help foster PEACE in our now-divided world...

Note how the title of his album - "LIGHT" - fits right in with our exploration of the Fesitval of Lights...and, how the singer shares the spot LIGHT...

[from this video's description] The PS22 Chorus got a visit today from Matisyahu, the incredible reggae singer, who also turns out to be an equally incredible person! He was awesome with the kids -- laid back and spontaneous -- just our style! Here the kids join in on his song, "One Day" from his phenomenal album, Light. And how about Leah on the solo??? She is a complete revelation here, and I love the bridge she shares with Matis -- with the newly added "wiyooooooooo"s. :) Thanks to Matis for being so cool and generous, really going out of his way to give the kids the spotlight. And props to his acoustic guitar player, David, who also was so much fun to jam with!!

"...and feed them on your dreams..."

"So, please help them with your youth..."

and they're taking advantage of their platform : )))

The Hebrew word Chanukah means “dedication”...

...Let's see what happens when we add an "a" between the "e" and the "d"...

Continues in Part 2...

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