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Saint Joseph Feast Day

Happy Saint Joseph Feast Day!

I’ve often thought to myself that if we get another chance at life on Earth, I’m coming back as an Italian. See, it’s taken me 75 years to accumulate some wisdom – much of it through “doing it wrong” – so I want to get a chance to try again (Remember, I worked for Avis the "We Try Harder" folks)…BUT, first, I’m gonna make a deal that I get to keep the little wisdom I’ve acquired.

BTW - My Dad's middle name was JOSEPH...and one of his brothers was JOSEPH...and, unlike some cultures that name the first boy after his father, I was named for my Mom's father - THOMAS...and my "Irish twin" sister - Julia [born 364 days after me] - was named after my Mom's mother.

(Shut up and EAT!)

--includes these images:

As new immigrants to America, Italians were often discriminated against...

--unfortunately, the American dream has yet to become a reality for many...BUT, that's for another post...

Very little is actually known about this first century family man, but, what we do have implies that he was a...

"It’s the superstar of Italian pastry — but just for one day a year."

--contains lots of New York humor, mention of Dr. Joseph Sciorra (see next link) and ethnic references like:

--Italics, Television for the Italian American Experience

--On this 2019 episode of Italics Dr. Joseph Sciorra will interview Claire Beckman, who is the Producing Artistic Director and Actress in "A View From The Bridge", Arthur Miller’s one-act play, which revolves around an Italian-American family.


--JUST DESSERTS...hilarious, calorie-laden tale of sugar EXCESS...

--I remember how to spell "desserts" with 2 s's because I always want seconds

Babe Ruth - "The Bambino" - was also nicknamed "the Sultan of Swat" I'm exercising my artistic license with this next offering...

--includes lyrics "guitar George" - Babe actual first name

I've included this version of the sign because it's close to the old neighborhood where I lived and first met my Italian friends...If you search for "leaving brooklyn fuhgeddaboudit sign" you'll be rewarded with lot of funny/phony variations...

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