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Random Acts of Kindness Day Feb. 17: Ain't no time to hate...

On Wednesday, Eileen and I met with our friends of the Baha'i Fellowship where we learned about Random Acts of Kindness Day. As part of our gathering, we read selected quotes and gave some personal examples of how we can practice and already are practicing doing random acts of kindness.

Random Acts of Kindness are good for our health and well-being


Interesting that Random Acts of Kindness Day was started in the same year - 1995 - that our leader - Jerry Garcia - left the earthly plane...COINCIDENCE??? Methinks not...

Final Test Question

--This story will get my ass in gear - as I've wanted to "dew" this as I walk around my neighborhood and spot the band's signs on vehicles and houses.


--a must read whether you're a Deadhead or considering so becoming...

From this article (and lots more wisdom and humor in the article):

“Uncle John’s Band” is yet another Robert Hunter / Jerry Garcia composition that carries within it enough room to consider the universe and our lives in the universe — it seems to be a universe itself. From its opening lines, which can serve as either / both warning and / or encouragement, to its gentle invitation to “come with me,” the song resonates in our lives fairly continuously if we want it to.

Eminently danceable, the tune would bring the entire crowd to fresh heights of happiness time and again. And it is so singable!

Isn’t it great that crows tell the story of life and death? (I think of it every time I see a crow.)


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