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Updated: May 16, 2022

Suspend your beliefs...and disbeliefs...and come as a little child...

At the end, there's a WATCHList of all the tuneful frequencies AND links to a NASA Livestream (in case it's cloudy) and some more info about this light show...


Mountains of the Moon (cosmic cover that uncovers the depths of the Dead)

Mountains of the Moon - Grateful Dead

(from the uploader) "Recorded from a copy of the album 'Aoxomoxoa' that was taken to the moon and brought back so forgive the moon dust crackle."

If yer already a follower, you already knew that Jerry and the band are this image is for those new to the tribe...

Standing on the Moon - Grateful Dead

I see all of Southeast Asia

I can see El Salvador

I hear the cries of children

And the other songs of war

It's like a mighty melody

That rings down from the sky

Standing here upon the moon

I watch it all roll by, all roll by

All roll by, all roll by

(all of the haunting lyrics)

Sorry, Neil, but WE WERE HEAR [sic] FIRST...

On a personal note - on the night in 1969 when he did his MJ and walked on the moon, I was with some surfing friends in California at Sir George's Smorgasbord Restaurant where we descended for our weekly all-you-could-eat feast. After eating and watching this historic event, my and my buddies took out the waitresses for some hot fun in the summertime...

Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd

Moonshadow - Cat Stevens (beautifully imaginative video)

Moonshadow - Cat Stevens (Fantastic Animation Festival short & song - 1977)

Meet the Moonlight - Jack Johnson

Just uploaded 2 days ago!!! Amazing underwater photography!!! For all my surfer friends and anyone that finds their soul in and near the ocean...

Picasso Moon - Grateful Dead


The following thumbnail image called for including this set list...

For your little astronauts

Goodnight Moon - A children's storybook

--This was one of our son John's favorites. We used to play a game where we asked him to see if he could find the mouse on each page.

--A few days ago, we donated this and other books from this wonderful time in our family. Here's a link to the organization we used. They have convenient drop-off bins in Garden City, Franklin Square, and Valley Stream that are near our home as well as locations around the USA.

Home Page

Find a Drop-off location

Dancing on the Moon (song from "Lazy Town" an Icelandic musical TV children's show)

Pontiac Moon Movie trailer

Starring Ted Danson and Mary family movie Eileen and I are going to watch tonight. She picked it especially for tonight.

P.S. Wonderfully charming and surprisingly deep road trip...parent-child & parent-to-parent relationship story

For all LUNAtics

5 Best TikTok Moonwalks (including MJ)

Michael Jackson Moonwalk Compilation

Stay CAL♏︎ Full MOON Eclipse in Scorpio - Hang, Shaman Drum & Udu May 16th Meditation - Calm Whale (streaming)

--I frequently use this Calm Whale site while doing Kundalini yoga.

About this light show


5/15/22 11:59 PM...From tonight's TomStream...West Hempstead, NY, USA, Planet Earth...

From my sister Cathy's Florida "moonbase" (near Cape Kennedy)

Lunar New Year LUNA SEE (Feb. 2, 2022 post)

Total Eclipse of the Moon WATCHList (11 tunes)

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