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Just another Mirth-filled, mirror-filled Monday: 2nd cup...

Later on Mirth-filled Monday...

I headed over to our local Stop & Shop where the store's bulletin board tried to "fire my imagination..." Most of it was...

...Except this one:

Seeing this ad, I grabbed my pocket-sized search engine utility looking for "shrink RAP"...hoping to find a funny video of a psychiatrist doing a rap song. Nothing matching my inquiry...Ah! But AI served up this gem:

WARNING: If you've just had surgery...DO NOT you might burst your stiches!

I stayed there laughing really hard at each quip.

When I was able to regain my composure, I entered the store and pulled out my iPhone's electronic grocery list. The veggie aisle was my first stop where it "produced" more levity.

"Organic green beans"

At first glance there appeared to be 4 columns...Until I noticed that someone had mislabeled the 2 on the left: The text was written "sdrawkcab" - "backwards"...and the prices were almost DOUBLED...

A customer about my age was walking by so, I decided to have a little fun. I pointed to the leftmost bag as shown below, and asked if he could reach it for me.

Like shown below in these next 2 photos, his hand made contact with the mirror...and he started smiling...

He seemed amiable, so I continued having fun by asking him if he remembered any popular films that had funny scenes with mirrors. He offered, "Abbott & Costello."

I said that I thought it might have been the Marx Brothers.

Survey says:

Guess who's lurking in the medicine cabinet...

Haagen-Daz Vanilla Bean

Eileen put quantity "2" in the phone's app with a qualifier "is on sale." And since I had a store coupon for this product, my orders were to get "5."

I was in luck, they were on a great my mission was to procure "5". I reached in and grabbed 2...BUT, then started gabbing with the "green beans" buddy I'd met in produce...

...and when I got back to my mission...someone else had stolen my “crème glacée" (rhyme it with “place”…but it’s French for “ice cream” and due to its accent grave in pronounced “glah say”…

"There's a Grateful Dead song for every occasion..." says friend Steve B. - a guy I surfed with, travelled to Callie and had the privilege of attending his backyard "school" on the care and maintenance of the sacred Volkswagen family of motor cars...and buses...Today's "mirrors" naturally segued into...

"Takes the wheel when my eyes seein' DOUBLE..."

"She's got everything delightful

She's got everything I need

Takes the wheel when I'm seeing double

Pays my ticket when I speed"

--"Sugar Magnolia" - Grateful Dead


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