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JUNETEENTH-3: “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop...Seen the Light...and Found It's Within Me...”

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Of the sparse words in the Oldfield song “Tubular Bells” (08:02) in my previous post, these few caught my attention:

“May the sounds carry you up the mountain...”

...and I thought of Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Martin Luther King and all other souls willing to allow themselves to be drawn by LOVE to HIGHER GROUND and so transformed...

...but, unlike the traveler in this song, I do hope I will hear from you all again... : )))))

Ahh, as I was writing this section, another interpretation just manifested...the person who goes up the mountain in search of not the same ONE WHO comes down...for she/he/they have been to the mountain and been transformed by LOVE into their TRUE SELF - the REAL SELF they always were/are/will be and now are AWAKENED and walk in this their LIGHT is no longer MASKED by the darkness and fear of the bushel basket of their egoic small self, therefore, it can SHINE BEFORE ALL PEOPLE.

We are called to be BEARERS OF LIGHT...the TRUE LIGHT that is already in our is already within our souls, waiting to be awakened and set free...

Therefore, the moral of this story is - we will never again hear from those who travel up from the shadows...and into the LIGHT...for they have become new creations...

"Be in ever so humble...there's no place like OMMMMMmmmmm.......

These next two “light beings” are from a video of the Grateful Dead’s “Uncle John’s Band.” (04:41). The first is an Alex Grey work. I’ve visited his Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in Wappingers Falls, NY. Mind-blowing!!! Mind-bending!!!

This next song is offered as refreshment for all those who are tired and worn from laboring in the vineyards of social justice...or just the trials of daily life...

--Her song was inspired by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I’ve been to the mountain” sermon.


The same Teacher that invites us to go out and be the light to a needy world also invites us to come away and find rest for our work-and worry-weary lives - for it’s only by resting that we can be renewed and refreshed to carry on as light, salt...

I say it again!!!


Many years ago, Eileen and I along with friends danced and celebrated with these joy-filled men at their Weston, Vermont mountaintop retreat. On nice days, they’d remove the walls of their barn-like worship space so we could take in the amazing beauty of the surrounding countryside.


COME share your talents with us! Join the Poor People’s Campaign Movement...

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Date: Mon. June 21 @ 5:30 pm ET Online and live in Raleigh, NC

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