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Dear Cadence, won't you come out tonight...



Last evening (7/24), Eileen and I went back to the Gazebo on Oceanside’s Schoolhouse Green for our second “Poetry Under the Stars” event. As was the case last week, we went to hear a friend’s spoken words. See "Chapter 3" below for location, dates, times and Zoom link.


I woke up this morning and went from bed to verse

Dear Cadence, won’t you come out tonight Miss Spelling mused about 4 letter words

Saying while 3 is Trinitarian

4 is Humanitarian

Her first name has 4 - ending with" e"

Herman- my Dad's last name ended with "n"

2 that is

And to emphasize this when MY name is misspelled

I say 2 please adding, while I’m a tit MANN

I’m also a leg man

Of the 4 letter words I was waiting to hear 1

And I was in luck

1 gal had the pluck to actually say Fuck

Some used their pauses

Another her paw’s

All spoke from their lives and

one from her best friend’s

1 that is…not feline 9

They spoke with their bodies

One added purple plumage

Memories emerged and with them emotions

Of loved ones now gone but never forgotten

1 shared things not often spoken

His words sounded like mine

His inner world now exposed

Awakening compassion

But also concern…

Wondering…where it will go?

I’ve been in my mind it’s such a fine mind

Ah, but 1 reader reminded us of a place even better…it’s heart shaped…a shelter from the storm

Another’s project brought us to the projects

Powerfully, where she demanded and earned respect

1 offered bacon and repeatedly so

At 1 more mention I was ready to show her I’m not too proud to beg or rub against her leg

Reader, remember that “god” is just “dog” spelled backwards

“Ennui” was introduced - a word not often heard

And certainly not experienced by any listeners on the Green...

...As we were collectively and individually being transported to lofty and deeply spacious places.

Had to interject an adverb or 2 to pay homage to 1 of the evening’s wordsmiths

Big bright green pleasure machine

“Ennui” was paired with “Henry” - possibly by the artist who counted cross stitches…Was it Henri the First…or the Eighth?

Or the hippie on his mission across the border? NRPS

As I shared this today, Eileen broke her silence

with a memory that's fit

Seems Herman the hermit like every proper Brit

never pronounces his "H's"

Giving us "enry" N...R...Eee

Reminded me that the poet who's name included an "e"

Also complained when folks added an "h"

to her 4-letter last name

Mixing her with rabbi's and guys named "Myron"

Is counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike

The same as on Foxhurst Road?

Together, as fellow humans, we sat under the stars

And allowed the words of poets to show us our commonality - each in their own ways

And for our unique paths...

Dear Canine, glad you came out last night…

CHAPTER 2: Poetry helps us experience our commonality

Note: I took my website's name from the title track on this album. Also saw them in NYC's Town Hall.

The words of the prophets are written on subway walls, tenement halls…and black pick-up trucks…

Let us who have eyes…ears…and hearts…

CHAPTER 3: Weekly Poetry Readings on the Schoolhouse Green

--location, dates, times and Zoom link.

7:00 PM to 8:30 (approx.)

Every week on Mon, until Aug 28, 2023

School House Green

1 Foxhurst Road

Oceanside, NY 11572


CHAPTER 4: WE learn more by doing it WRONG, Huh?

Mary introduces this work as "Dear Mistakes"...adding that she could also say "Dear Regrets"...

My Franciscan Guru - Fr. Richard Rohr says that we learn MORE by doing it wrong. Huh?

Curious? Then take the first step...The step, poet David Whyte tells us, is the step we DON'T want to take...

CHAPTER 5: Xcised Words

In these videos, George bemoans the facts that there isn't a list of words we can't use...BUT, instead, have to say one FIRST to find out they ARE NOT PERMITTED....


This guy at the event was wearing his First Amendment tee...

CHAPTER 6: Poetry on trial in "The Wall"

Powerful cadence in these repeated lyrics from "Another Brick in the Wall":

We don't need no education

We don't need no thought control

No dark sarcasm in the classroom

Teachers leave them kids alone

--The crime and punishment begin at 00:59...and is repeated in several places...

CHAPTER 7: Reading Between the Lines (songs that breathed inspiration into these musings)

CHAPTER 8: A friend says there's a Grateful Dead Song for Every Occasion

NUMBER 9: Revolution 9


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