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...and little children shall lead us...


Part 2 of a post I did earlier to the Wharf Rats Facebook Group - a partying, life-saving and life-enhancing Grateful Dead sober group. "An 'OXYMORON'?" you might ask. Naw, one of these (see next image)... FYI - Part 1 is below...and, "if you get confused...listen to the music play..."

It’s Sunday so I’m taking the opportunity to preach about my favorite band…and will “Dew” this via some of my favorite “evangelists of song”, including those sung from the hearts of our children…

We are encouraged to become as little children…

I asked Dad and Mom's permission to photo this little Deadhead at the Half Step show. She was one of many such heart-warming and smile-producing moments - that included: electric hula hoops, glow-in-the-dark bracelets and necklaces, very cool "ink" (tats) and, of course, amazing tee shirts and other wearables...

"Weir" never to old to grow young...

[My Higher Power has used children as a major part of my salvation “trip”…beginning with the morning I joined some of my younger siblings and showed up at a church program for children with disabilities…showed up still high from the previous night’s “dosed and confused” partying…] It's one of many amazing stories on this long, strange and wonder-filled trip...called LIFE...

Under the capable direction of Gavin Tabone, the children and their version of "Ripple" was led by guest musician David Gans (see below) located in a musical capital of our US of A: Austin, TX

(from intro to Wikipedia - see it for links...)

David Gans (born October 29, 1953) is an American musician, songwriter, and music journalist. He is a guitarist, and is known for incisive, literate songwriting. He is also noted for his music loop work, often creating spontaneous compositions in performance. He is the co-author of the book Playing in the Band: An Oral and Visual Portrait of the Grateful Dead, and the host of the weekly syndicated radio show The Grateful Dead Hour. He currently co-hosts a radio show with Gary Lambert on Sirius XM's The Grateful Dead Channel called Tales from the Golden Road, a call-in show about the Grateful Dead.

And "Furthur" down in this piece...

He has performed onstage with members of the Grateful Dead, The Schwag, JGB, the New Riders of the Purple Sage, Donna the Buffalo, Peter Rowan, Ollabelle, The Waybacks, Blueground Undergrass, Dark Star Orchestra, Keller Williams, moe., Hot Buttered Rum, the Rowan Brothers, and Henry Kaiser.

(from intro to Wikipedia - see it for links and footnote references...)

Later he attended the lectures of the Maharal of Prague and of his brother, Rabbi Sinai. They introduced philosophy, mathematics, and astronomy into the circle of their studies, and from them Gans received the impulse to devote himself to these branches of science. He lived for a time in Nordheim (where he studied Euclid), passed several years in his native city of Lippstadt, and then in about 1564 settled in Prague. There he came into contact with Kepler and Tycho Brahe, and took part for three consecutive days in astronomical observations at the Prague observatory. He was charged with the translation of the Alfonsine Tables from Hebrew into German by Tycho Brahe.[2]

His grave in the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague is marked with a Star of David and a goose (gans means goose in Yiddish). The star of David, in Hebrew called a "Magen David", alludes to his work titled ``Magen David.[3][4]


—featuring The Chicago Children’s Choir, Jerry’s daughter Keelin, Bill Kreutzmann, Jimmy Buffett at the Montauk Lighthouse, David Crosby in LA, and grateful musicians from around our shared globe.

FYI - PFC’s 501c3 Foundation builds music programs so children in underserved parts of our common home can experience the wonders of music.


--included Davis Gans and the Barton Hills Choir

And like our band of brothers and sisters and others, they're INCLUSIVE!!!




🅡🅞🅛🅛 🅐🅦🅐🅨 🅣🅗🅔 🅓🅔🅦🅑🅘🅔🅢… …friends of Jerry can “Dew” life SOBER…and still have FUN…now that Big Daddy (i.e., Higher Power) “has taken the T-Bird away”…and the Southern Comfort, Johnny Walker, Tito (but not Puente), Bailey’s, add your faves…BUT! Not the Ripple! (I’ll explain in my next post - see Part 2 above)

I’m sure Red Foxx would approve. As I recall, he’s the comedian who once said on a Sanford and Son episode: “What do you get when you mix cream soda and Ripple? Cripple!” Nuf said!

AND, when in sobriety we get “Dazed and Confused” - and want to go back to our “old ways” (excluding “Old and in the Way” ways) - our Teachers guide us back to the “straight and narrow” path with the words of wisdom in the meme below.

FYI - I’m writing this “under the influence” of a heart-expanding and fun night of “playing in the sand” on Friday at the Jones Beach Bandshell where the magic of Half Step helped my feet tell my mind where to go…where to grOW!

And, I SO ENJOYED the company of a fellow Deadhead who I met the day before at my home group at the Witches Brew Coffee House in West Hempstead (Thursday’s 11-11:55 am). We got connected because he overheard me telling another Stepper about the Half Step show…There AREN’T any coincidences…Agree?

Oh! and I got a booster shot of their musical medicine just now - as I listened to this “treat for our feet” Dead-on dance number (link below). I found it while looking for something fun to send to a friend who’s in the hospital recovering (aren’t we all?) from hip replacement surgery.

Done by a very creative YouTuber (Lolo Yodel) who knit together the video selections of other “grate” “Tubers” who dig the Grateful Dead. You’ll frequently find me in town “Dancin’ in the Streets” to one of the “grate” videos done by masters of their craft like: Jack Abramson, Knut Masco and others…

Grateful Dead Dancing Mix (10:05) a mash up by LoloYodel

ENCORE ("any more...any more...any more...any more...)

...from two of my greatest influences...

--(my post on his 2021 Birthday)

Jerry, R.I.P.ple...


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