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Addams Family Musical in Brooklyn...Morticia, Gomez...John & Jerry

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Our son John is playing in the pit...orchestra...not the one with the pendulum...

Brooklyn High School of the Arts​ is for talented students who must audition for entry. John's been rehearsing with the cast and said this will be a great evening.

  • Dates: 2/2, 2/3, 2/4 & 2/8, 2/9, 2/10 - all at 7:00 PM

  • School is 3 short blocks from the LIRR's Atlantic Terminal Station.

  • Eileen and I are going to the Saturday (2/4) show.

Addams Family Tree...

As the spooky clan makes a new appearance on the big screen, a look back on the mystery of their longevity...

[all below is from the article]

Charles Samuel Addams, or Chill as his friends called him, was born on January 7, 1912, in Westfield, New Jersey. Records show at the time of his birth the Addams' lived on Summit Avenue. They moved several times before taking up permanent residence in 1920 on Elm Street and stayed there until 1947. He attended public school in Westfield and was fond of visiting the Presbyterian cemetery on Mountain Avenue. When he was a youngster, he was caught by the police for breaking into a house on Dudley Avenue. On the second floor of the garage behind the main house there is a chalk drawing of a skeleton that is believed to have been drawn by Charles Addams. That house on Dudley and one on Elm Street is said to be the inspiration for the famous Addams Family house.

At Westfield High School, Charles became the art editor for the Weather Vane and drew many cartoons. He graduated in 1929 and attended Colgate University for one year. He switched to the University of Pennsylvania and then studied at Grand Central School of Art in New York City. His dream was to work for the New Yorker Magazine and started submitting cartoons as early as 1935, his very first one had the caption "I forgot my Skates." In 1940, he submitted "Downhill Skier," and that got him an offer to come on board full time for New York's premier literary magazine. He continued there until his death in 1988, drawing over 1,300 cartoons.

Television producer David Levy approached Addams with an offer to create a series based on his "Addams Family" cartoons (they met at the Palace Hotel lobby in New York). The Family was distinct characters but without personality, so Addams gave his characters names and more characteristics for the actors to use in portrayals. And so was born The Addams Family (1964).

He married his third and final wife, Marilyn Matthews Miller in a pet cemetery.

Upon his death, he was cremated and his ashes were interred at the Charles Addams Estate Grounds, Sagaponeck, Suffolk County, New York in the family pet cemetery.

Noted director Alfred Hitchcock was a friend of Addams, and owned two pieces of original Addams art. In Hitchcock's film North by Northwest (1959), a scene pays homage to Addams: when Roger Thornhill meets Eve with Mr. Vandamm and Leonard, he comments, "The three of you together. Now that's a picture only Charles Addams could draw".

Widely known as creator of The Addams Family, whose were published by first time as comic for The New Yorker's newspaper in 1938. Therefore, none of them had name until the release of the The Addams Family (1964). Charles Addams chose personally the name for every character: Gomez (father), Morticia (mother), Wednesday (older daughter), Pugsley (younger son), Fester (Morticia's uncle or Gomez's brother depending the adaptation), Eudora "Grandmama" (Gomez's mother or Morticia's mother depending the adaptation), Lurch (family butler) and Thing (living severed hand).

Grateful Dead Meet the Addams Family

--Wednesday teaches Lurch to dance

You didn't ask...but here it is anyway...

--check out how the guy on the left moves his eye/eyes to the music...INDEPENDENTLY

[all below from this article]

Composer: Victor Mizzy

The Grateful Dead played brief parts of the Addams Family Theme a few times, whilst tuning or during other between song interludes, between 1987 and 1994. A brief snippet of the theme occurs in one of the 'Appetizers' on the Jerry Garcia / David Grisman / Tony Rice album The Pizza Tapes.

The Addams Family was a TV series that ran for 64 episodes between September 1964 and April 1966. The theme music plays at the start and end of each episode. The original TV theme music was released on a single in 1964.

The recordings listed below {see article} include performances of the theme music and performances of pieces that incorporate the theme music. This latter category includes such things as The Addams Family by the Blazing Redheads, The Addams Family Polka by Bob Siwicki And His New Englanders Orchestra and The Simpsons end credits homage to the Addams Family.

--animated fun...

For More Gorey Fun...

Check out my friend Keith Crocker's live and Zoom offerings that feature topics like horror and music and more...


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