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12 Dayze of Christmas Gratefulness- ONE: Oh, Come All Ye Grateful

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Traveler: To experience the other "dayze" in this seer-ease...just get back on your afar (out) the blog:

Gonna "Dew" a post for each of the 12 dayze (***) HEAR goes...this'll be pure winging it...So, hang on...

"Lest we tarry with words,

and waste a good night

I'll get straight to the music

and steer us aright..."

Note: If you like his humor, he has more in the online Christmas village (YuleTube)...

O come, all ye Grateful, Deadheads to the concert. O come, Grateful Deadheads, And camp in the street. Bring rolling papers, Don't forget your sleeping bags. O come get us some floor seats, We've followed them for four weeks, O come get us some floor seats, To see the Lord. O come, all ye hippies, Throwbacks to the Sixties. Paint flowers on your van, And don't wash your feet. Wear your bell-bottoms, And your tie-dye t-shirts. O come let us adore them, We've quit our day jobs for them, O come let us adore, them, Garcia's the Lord

Let's put some fun into fundamentalism...

For those who've lost their way and have no "fun" in their fundamentalism...I added this comment to the above Bob Rivers video:

THIS is the ONLY version to watch. Thanks for the "grate" images. Hope it puts the "FUN" into any fundamentalists that object to equating Jerry and Jesus. Remember, we are all ONE!!! Even Judas...'cause if he didn't "Dew" his own trip, there'd still be 12 and Hunter & Lesh wouldn't have been inspired to pen "The Eleven." I'm adding this to a new blog series for 2022 called "The 12 Daze of Christmas" Stay Gratefulllllllll

Image is from an October blog post - link at bottom in Santa's sack of extreeees...

Coming Distractions...

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Jerry begins hanging out with "The Claus"...

Naughty and problema!!!

--includes links to the tunes

Grateful Santa Sack Extreeees...


(***) "dayze" - an old Haight spelling of "daze". According to the definitive DEAD SEE Scrolls, it was found painted on the wall of a concert cave.

Modern definitions/synonyms include:

1. blurry; a lost state of mind that might eventually go away. Sometimes considered enjoyable and makes time pass quickly. Not a care in the world

I have been stuck in a daze all week with people asking me questions and me not caring anymore about anything (Source: Urban Dictionary)

2. to dazzle with light (dazed by the bright sun) He sometimes finds himself so focused on cyberspace that he falls into a kind of computer daze, losing all track of time.

Synonyms: rock (Source: Merriam-Webster)



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