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WWJD...What would JERRY do?...same as the OTHER ONE "wood"...


Snapped this today (Tuesday) on my way home from a session with an alternative medical practitioner. On my way truckin down I-95 from his Connecticut home, I had joined a Zoom call with some friends from our Long Island contingent of the Poor People's Campaign. I started off on mute and no video, but a few minutes into our discussion there was so much exciting stuff being put on the table that I realized it was time to stop trying to do two things at once.

So I got off in New Rochelle, took a couple of turns and found my way to a side street where I could give my mostly full attention and participation. After the call ended, I looked across the street in this mostly Black and Brown community and spied the above sign. So, my man-on-the-street donned his reporter's hat and iPhone in hand strolled across the street to get a close up.

As I was taking in the message...guess what Grateful Dead lyrics came to mind?


Here's their song that inspired the above images:

The OTHER ONE...JESUS isn't DEAD...or is He?

The above image cries out for this next song - one lately that has had many applications in my life and the lives of those I've been meeting. Example, I sent it to my sister Mary as her son Brian and his wife Maggie were awaiting the arrival of their latest child. In reality, Brian was just hanging around while Maggie was doing the real work. It was my prayer for a quick and easy delivery:

I danced myself right out the womb

I danced myself right out the womb

Is it strange to dance so soon?

I danced myself right out the womb

I danced myself into the tomb

I danced myself into the tomb

Is it strange to dance so soon?

I danced myself into the tomb

And my added lyrics...

I danced myself out of the tomb

I danced myself out of the tomb

Is it strange to dance so soon?

I danced myself out of the tomb

Shifting now to the other side of Resurrection...

The other day they waited, the sky was dark and faded,

Solemnly they stated, "He has to die, you know he has to die."

All the children learnin', from books that they were burnin',

Every leaf was turnin', to watch him die, you know he had to die.

That's It for the Other One - Grateful Dead (if you're in a hurry...only 07:36 - Plus includes some spacey graphics)

Here are some observations from David Dodds' site: my first stop for Dead-on interpretation and inspiration:

In an interview published in Golden Road, Spring, 1991, p. 30, Garcia was asked about his portion of the lyric:

"Golden Road: Who or what inspired your section of "That's It For the Other One"--"The other day they waited," etc.?Garcia: ... "Seriously, I think that's an extension of my own personal symbology for "The Man of Constant Sorrow"--the old folk song--which I always thought of as being a sort of Christ parable."

The internet G-d served up this next naturally, like Alice, I followed the rabbit tracks...

Clicking on the image, I was led here:

When I saw this Bishop's photo and him sitting in the garden with Francis - not the Pope...the guy from Assisi, I liked him right away and stayed for his homily. In it, he cites some of my most treasured traveling companions on this road (no simple highway): Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Franciscan Richard Rohr, Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, Thomas Merton, Mary, and theologian Marcus Borg. If I've piqued your interest, click the link and follow your own rabbit...

...Hare today, gone tomorrow...

...Be hare now...

...Hare Krishna...

...Hare, hare...

Hope to meet you on the road...tOM


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