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Welcoming the Stranger…for we are all on a Migration

“Migrations in their various forms are not a new phenomenon in human history. They have left their mark on every age, bringing about the encounter of different cultures and

giving rise to new civilizations.”

--Pope Francis with Sr. Norma Pimentel (my added emphasis)

This Saturday: Come meet someone who's

(Sat. Nov. 20, 2021 Sr. Norma Pimentel will be speaking LIVE & on Zoom (details and registration info were posted on Facebook and are included at the end of this post). Sister Norma has been passionately advocating for immigration reform and helping migrating families and their children in the border areas that include her Texas community.

There’s more about her important work included the end of this post.


--two young female poets speak passionately to awaken us

15 moving immigration poems to read today (great works covering different places in our shared world – some include video)

--I selected the two above that because they spoke about our Mexican neighbors

--features a cover of this wonderful work be the Monks of the Weston Priory in Vermont – a place Eileen and I and friends visited in our early years of pilgrimage. On warm summer days, the monks would remove the sides of their barn-like worship space and, in the company of the green hills, would dance in the Spirit…


  • --for over 40 years, he has been helping me, my family members and other pilgrims see below the surface of things

  • It’s both an exterior quest and an interior one…and how well we do the exterior one is fully dependent on how well we do the inner one…

In this first song, look carefully - you might notice some of your own ancestors…

Caution: If we do not face our inner fears, they will follow us across the borders…

“Was many years ago that I left home and came this way

I was a young man, full of hopes and dreams

But now it seems to me that all is lost and nothing gained

Sometimes things ain't what they seem

No brave new world, no brave new world

No brave new world, no brave new world”

--classic and modern paintings amplify Leon’s questions about why can’t we live together…

When the baby looks around him

It's such a sight to see

He shares a simple secret

With the wise man

He's a stranger in a strange land

Just a stranger in a strange land

Tell me why

He's a stranger in a strange land


Stranger in a strange land

How many miles will it take

To see the sun

And how many years until it's done

Kiss my confusion away in the night

Lay by my side

When the morning comes”

--another imaginative interpretation

When walking life’s journeys don’t get the lead out…add it in to your soundtrack…

Check out this next THORoughly amazing 11-year old Goddess of the Hammer…

--she’s got more online musical ammunition

Oh, BTW, here’s the original (04:08) 1972 and Live


--by Richard Rohr, founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation

--for over 40 years, he has been helping me see below the surface of things

“One would think that people who insist on being monotheistic would be the first in line to walk across the artificial boundaries created by nation states, class systems, cultures and even religions. But often they are the last!”

“If our love of God does not directly influence, and even change, how we engage in the issues of our time on this earth, I wonder what good religion is. "God talk" becomes an opaque screen in which we see only reflections of ourselves -- instead of any kind of true enlightenment or Light. "Anyone who says she loves God, and hates her brother or sister, is a liar" (1 John 4:20). None of us wants to be a liar, yet the high goals of religion make deceit and denial almost inevitable for all of us. (Read Paul's attempts to describe this paradoxical phenomenon in Rom. 7:7-25). For all of us, the daily question is this, "Have I even begun to love?"


“Strangers stopping stranger just to shake their hands…”

"Once in a while, you get shown the light

In the strangest of places if you look at it right"

The above welcoming words are from this next song:

Jerry and Donna in conversation...while the band plays on...and...on...and on...

Via con Dios, mis amigas y amigos y todos otros



“It’s about LIVES…not SIDES…”

“Spirituality of Accompaniment”

Sat. 11/20/21 10:00 am-1:00 pm (virtual & in-person)

Sr. Norma Pimentel has received numerous awards for her work in Texas with migrants along the U.S.-Mexican border and she can now add a new title to her list: one of TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world!

She will be reflecting upon the Spirituality of Accompaniment as core to walking in solidarity with the other.

“It’s about LIVES…not SIDES…”

“People…not Politics…”

To register-send info in flyer to:

Virtual & In-Person:

Sisters of St. Joseph / Bldg 4 La Providencia Center

1725 Brentwood Road

Brentwood, NY 11717

Office: 631-273-1187, ext. 411

Due to the presence of many elderly sisters, registrants must provide proof of vaccination or a Covid-negative test result within 48 hours. As such, Eileen and I will be participating virtually.


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