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All Saints Day: "Hey, tOM, what's your religion?" "I'm a FRANCISCAN!"

At several of NYC's annual "Procession of the Ghouls" - at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine - I've dressed as Saint Francis of Assisi. My contribution to bringing some playful positivity to a church full of demons.

  • See link at bottom of post for my 2023 adventures at this "holy" version of "Animal House"...

  • Also, at the bottom - the place preferred by Francis - you'll find a link to a new post about this man and the friar who introduced me to him: Richard Rohr.

Here I am at the Cathedral with Bishop "Mitered Joe Young"...

Bob Dylan, Man Gave Names To All The Animals, 1980 (05:52)

And Steve gave SHAPES to all the animals...

The Muppet Show: Steve Martin (01:53)

At The Zoo, Simon & Garfunkel (02:17)

If the lion can lay down with the lamb...let us lay our "Burdon's" down too and celebrate the city on the hill named after the saint for today: FRANCISCO...

"Feel all right

On a warm San Franciscan night

The children are cool

They don't raise fools

It's an American dream

Includes Indians too"

Eric Burdon & The Animals : San Franciscan Nights (Live 1967) (03:50)

SEQUE: The Animals - Gratefully Dead

Eric Burdon and The Animals - Gratefully Dead (04:00)

[from the description] The still astounding Gratefully Dead remains one of the jewels in the Animals' acid rock crown. Burdon was hanging out with the likes of Ron 'Pigpen' McKernan from the Grateful Dead at the time, and the connection is likely the inspiration behind the song's title, although the track itself is more aggressive than anything the Dead ever committed to vinyl.

Comic Interlude...

From the Old Testament Book of A T at Sea...We cover you rain...or***

***see Terms and Conditions

Carnivore Cruises...

Speaking of out for these modern day throwbacks...

Continuing the Reptilian Vibe...

Pigpen "Dewing" the lead...

Grateful Dead - Alligator 1968-01-22 (15:00)

Let's "Dew" it again...I love this next classic arcade photo machine capture...Let the good times roll....I liked these next two "oldies" from the family album...just posting the pics.


Animal Crackers Now Freed From Cage On Box (00:26)

Grateful Dead - Black Peter (Live at Farm Aid 1987) (5:07)

Wharf Rats: SOBER Deadheads (Yup! You read it right!)

Facebook Page

To find them at shows look for their YELLOW BALLOONS:

“Who Are the Wharf Rats? – Enjoying Concerts and Music Without The Drugs - SoberNation

Grateful Dead - Wharf Rat (Louisville, KY 7/6/90) (Official Live Video) (11:48)

Get on your Marx, Get set...GO...

The Marx Brothers play bridge - Animal Crackers (1930) 720p HD (05:13)

Into the Woods...

Oh Grey Warden - The Menagerie (04:33)

Follow the Rabbit...

White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane (On Smothers Brothers) (03:14) NEXT: Video clips from "Alice in Wonderland"(1903) by Cecil Hepworth & Percy Stow, with May Clark as Alice.

White Rabbit (Rare Version by Instant Flight) (02:44)

Animal House

CAUTION: Practice YOGA...before attempting TOGA...

Shout-Otis Day & The NIghts (Animal House Scene) (03:01)

2023 Procession of the Ghouls

Cosmic Charlie Brown & the GRATEfull Pumpkin

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