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Takin' it to the street Artists-2: Ross Clark...Mural, mural on the wall...

FOR RAMI...and other lovers of this genre...

& for his artist Dad - Farhan


I enjoy this message on my monthly visits to an alternative healthcare provider in Ridgefield, CT: Dr. Perry Perretz. After helping one of my sisters with complex issues that conventional medicine was unable to address...I sought his care...and it's been so helpful in ways I didn't image as we began working together... You can learn more about him at the links at the end of this post.

It's on the wall in the parking lot for a great coffee/gelato spot: Tusk & Cup. This is the spot, where, at 74, I had my first scoop!

Ross, a local artist, did this encouraging piece in 2020. He's also part of the construction outfit whose name can be seen above this mural.

Tusk & Cup Curbside + Ross Clark's Mural = Happ(ier) Day

--click "Next" under the coffee cup image in this article to see Ross's street art

--(from the article) Need a reason to smile? Head to Tusk & Cup Fine Coffee, purchase a homemade sandwich, salad, muffin or a cup of authentic Italian coffee (curbside) and sit outdoors or in your car where you can bask in the colorful backdrop and uplifting message of Ross Clark’s artistic creation.

Painted by Ross in front of Tusk & Cup and on the historic building erected by Joe and Mitch's Ancona’s grandfather in 1946, the mural will lift your spirits during this uncertain time.

“We’re in this Together” Ridgefield.

Tusk & Cup is located at 51 Ethan Allen Highway.

Tusk & Cup Facebook Page

Ross Clark's Instagram Page

--Have fun clicking around and exploring the world through the lenses of his eyes and cameras...Lots of nature shots and bridges/overpasses, some with railroad tracks (I LUV ALL THINGS TRAINS!!!)


Takin' it to the Streets Songs...from the initial post in this series...

Before our feet hit the pavement, let's get in the mood...So, take 5...Naw, 10...

The Doobie Brothers - Takin' It To The Streets (Live) (06:02)

--with appropriate images from our historic struggles to get & remain free...

Takin' It To The Streets - 1979 No Nukes (MUSE) Concert (04:08)

--Carly Simon joins the Doobie Brothers and friends...

Remember, while the words in this song are easy to shout to our elected officials, the real work begins in our own hearts and continues out into our families and to our neighbors...

UNconventional HEALERS...

Dr. Perry Perretz

His website

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