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"T" House and August Moon

Happy Birthday, JERRY!!!

T house and August moon

Was closing up shop for the night when I caught a glimpse of tonight’s “cold-hearted orb that rules the night…removes the colors from our sight…”

Another interpretation is provided by the lyrics in "Standing on the Moon" (link below) - where the viewer's heightened perspective enables them...enlightens them to see more and all around the as well as suffering...(see info under Molly Tuttle's cover of this song for link to annotated lyrics site that mentions the suffering that can be seen from this heightened awareness)

August 1: Full Moon

My mental wordplay processor formed:“T house and August moon”:

  • First letter of my first and last names (*)

  • I snapped this photo from behind our house

  • It’s August

  • It’s a FULL moon

(*) places where reincarnation is part of the belief system...people can never have a "LAST" name...that is, until they've fulfilled ALL of their karma...

What follows here in these reflections (of the moon) is yet another example of the importance of HOW we see...Am I staying open and receptive?...OR, is my mind closed figuring I already know everything about what I'm exploring...?

As I looked up the plot line in the film "Teahouse of the August Moon", I read that part of the story dealt with the occupying forces trying to Americanize the local people of Okinawa after the war.

Doctrine of Discovery

Hmm…earlier today, I was in conversation with a friend who reminded me of how our country and others did similar injustices to their land’s original inhabitants, including forcibly removing children from their parents to strip away their culture, and even forbidding them to use their native language. For more on these cruel practices see the end of this post for a link to the doctrine of discovery post with its description of the unholy alliance between church and state. These practices resulted from an UNholy alliance between church and that benefited both of them at the expense of the victimized lands' first nations.

"We were planting corn and they were planting crosses." ~ Faithkeeper Oren Lyons

John Lennon's arm is around Oren's shoulder. The man to Yoko's right is Chief Leon Shenandoah, a tribal leader who headed the Haudenosaunee ( Iroquois) Confederacy from 1968 to his death.

The injustices and cruelties that resulted will be explored further in an upcoming post. In the meantime, here's an earlier related post:

JERRY, Fare you well my only true one...

[from video's description] "The Wheel" from Jerry Garcia's debut solo album 'Garcia'. Written by Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia. Video directed & created by Justin Kreutzmann.

Standing on the moon

I see the battle rage below

Standing on the moon

I see the soldiers come and go

There's a metal flag beside me

Someone planted long ago

Old Glory standing stiffly

Crimson, white and indigo - indigo

I see all of Southeast Asia

I can see El Salvador

I hear the cries of children

And the other songs of war

It's like a mighty melody

That rings down from the sky

Standing here upon the moon

I watch it all roll by - all roll by

I discovered Molly while searching the heavens for this year's July Super Moon post:

Jerry Garcia Week: 9 Daze of Haight --the next 8 days in last year's series are listed sequentially on the site. This initial post begins with these images.


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