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St Joseph...celebrating around the world in song, dance and divine comedy

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

A truly multicultural experience…and dedicated to those named Joseph – especially those Joe’s who are involved in the arts (music, dance, theater…)…Also included are my Dad’s brother Joe and my own Dad, who chose to invoke the spirit of this saint by taking Joseph as his confirmation name…As the patron saint of workers everywhere, my Dad made an appropriate choice – he could fix ANYTHING. Likely, where I got my hand skills and the career that followed. Thanks, Dad!

Oh yeah! wanted to add that I survived 9 years of Catholic elementary school education - where I was taught by the Sisters of...yup...St. Joseph. One story...In eighth grade my parents and I were summoned to the convent - at night no less (scary) - because of a behavior infraction. I still remember my teacher - Sr. St. Dorothy - and her parting words to my folks: "Tom is either going to be very good or very bad." For my part, I'm counting on "mercy triumphs over judgment."

We’ll start off slowly, liturgically and conservatively…

If you went to mass today, did they do this psalm?

American Folk

The next song could belong to a larger work we could call The Patriarchal Suit(e), Listen to the lyrics to see why…

Here’s a Judy Collins version of the Cherry Tree Carol sung during Advent. I dedicate it to two families who recently lost children growing in the womb...

From Israel...Joe's Original Homeland

As I reflected on the mothers I mentioned above, I recalled these words from scripture “I will turn your mourning into dancing” and was led to

On to the Subcontinent

Another from India not about Joseph but from a school with his name and produced for their annual prayer dance.

The colorfulness of these subcontinent dancers reminded me of an earlier Joseph – the guy with the technicolor dream coat.

San Jose – Patron Saint of Immigrants

Joe’s Also from Queens…NY

Joe…Cocker…in Europe

--sounds like this Joe needs some help from his friends...

School Rockin’ with Joe

San Giuseppe…Leave ‘em Laughing…Divine Comedy Italian folktale



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