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Seva, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart: He's got two good eyes and helps others to see...

SEVA: Restoring Sight around the World

“He’s got two good eyes and helps others to see…”

"...and he's on the sight track and inviting you..." Bob Weir (in first photo below with Ram Dass), Mickey Hart (next photo) and many other mindful musicians have been working for years supporting Seva’s mission of restoring sight to the blind and otherwise visually impaired. Eileen and I have been supporting their works of mercy.

2022 Sing Out for Seva Concert

--check out the announced line up...then get on board:

Ram Dass...Bob Weir...Mickey Hart & Other Dispellers of Darkness

Ram Dass was my first guru. Guru is a Sanskrit word that means “dispeller of darkness,” from gu, meaning "darkness," and ru, meaning "that which dispels."

In 1972, at 24 years of age, I set aside a weekend retreat in my South Ozone Park apartment to read Ram Dass’ “Be Here Now,” and my life began a series of transformations that were initiated by his introducing me for the first time to a loving version of G-d. The next day (Monday), I was led to visit my Dad and begin our first verbal and physical expressions of love for one other. This guru was dispelling darkness…and his work with Seva is continuing this mission…




2021 (00:03:01)

--included Mickey Hart & Friends, David Grisman, Hot Tuna and more


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