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Resurrection: I danced myself right out of the tomb

Updated: May 15, 2020

In case you missed the URGENT message in the Good Friday post, you can view it here. I’m calling it my last will and testament.


OK – That should put a smile on your heart, some bounce in your steps, and enable you to cancel your eternal-life fire insurance policy (see, I’m savin’ you $) …so, let’s put our dancin’ shoes on…

These thoughts began to take shape a few nights ago as Eileen and I watched “Billy Elliott” (trailer link) and I heard the song “Cosmic Dancer” – By T-Rex (there’s a link below).

Ever since the pandemic began, I’ve been reflecting on the themes of suffering, death and resurrection. Understandable: I’m 72, have medical concerns, including a chronic lung condition, which makes me a high risk during this global crisis.

Hey, would you want to know?

The Perennial Pattern of Transformation: Suffering…Death…Resurrection

Many traditions describe these three themes as forming a perennial pattern of transformation - with each step leading to the next: suffering to death, death to resurrection. Furthermore, it’s not just a single cycle – it repeats, if we allow it and surrender to its wisdom. This leads to ever greater resurrections. Another way this is stated is to say that we need to die before we die.

The small daily deaths to our small self are practice for the BIG ONE.

This path of transformation is known by various terms. Christians call it salvation; Eastern traditions, enlightenment; and the Twelve Steps, recovery.

Trust the Process

To follow this three-step (or 12-Step) path takes:

1) the realization that you are at the end of the resources of your small, finite self and then

2) the decision to trust in something greater than yourself.

The life of Jesus provides an example of HOW to walk this out: suffering that leads to death that leads to resurrection.

An Invitation to Get on the Dance Floor

Several have described the spiritual journey using a dance metaphor. My Mom even wrote a book of her poems with the title “The Lord of the Universe Dances in Trees.” Two of these dance-themed and light-hearted, light-on-your-feet poems are below.

My spiritual father, Richard Rohr, entitled his book on the Trinity, “The Divine Dance – The Trinity and Your Transformation.” (FYI – The Foreword was written by “The Shack” author William Paul Young.)

Richard says that HOW we see one anything determines HOW we see everything.

Is our journey through life drudgery filled with duties and obligations; or, can we see it as a dance…possibly even freestyle (like coloring OUTSIDE the lines)? I’ll leave you to think about that.

Join the Dance


Lyrics that spoke to me of Jesus’ trek:

I was dancing when I was twelve (about the age he was when he met with the religious leaders in the temple)

I was dancing when I was aaah (or “out, yeah”

I danced myself right out the womb (what an image for entering life with enthusiasm [word literally means “filled with the breath of G-d”])

Is it strange to dance so soon

I danced myself right out the womb

Is it strange to dance so soon

I danced myself into the tomb (faithfully following his path led to his early death)

Is it wrong to understand

The fear that dwells inside a man (we see Jesus wrestling with demons, including fear in his time in the wilderness at the start of his mission and again, at the end, when he faces his impending death)

I danced myself out of the womb

Is it strange to dance so soon

I danced myself into the tomb

But when again once more

I danced myself out of the womb

Is it strange to dance so soon

I danced myself out of the womb.

(In these last 7 verses, I see “womb” as a metaphor for “tomb.” Again, by surrendering to a bigger plan for his life, Jesus was enabled to dance right through suffering then death and on to resurrection. And, we too are invited to follow this same path of surrender leading to new life. )


Partial lyrics: “There’s a place where fear has to face the God you know”

What kind of G-d do you and I know?

· Richard Rohr says that instead of being made in G-d’s image, we make G-d in our image.

· He says it another way, “We become the G-d we worship.” (0:03:32)

--Whenever I’m writing about deeper things, I try to include kids [Hey, Jesus did].

This helps to Keep It Simple Saints.) “Become like a little child…”


(please do not remove)

--a book of poems by my Mom - Catherine Tittmann - about whom I, too, can say,

"I danced myself right out of her womb..."

This is the first poem in the collection…

“I Dance With My God”

With foot-tappin' joy!!!

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