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Red Words...Red Rocks - 2


I'm adding this after penning most of what follows in the body of this post. See, my journey continues to take many twists and turns...steps forward...steps backwards...going round in circles...dancing standing still...

What follows has ALL BEEN PART OF THE TRIP...that said, I've transcended some of it while including all of it. Think of it like tattoos and scrapbooks...they're records that combine to make us WHO WE ARE NOW...and once were THEN...

So, here's where I AM NOW...

  • I am loved deeply by the Source of my life...

  • I don't have to do ANYTHING to earn this love...

  • If there is a PRICE to be paid - it's the cost of surrendering my EGO...that tries to control all the stuff that Life presents...the cost of surrendering my FEAR that I'm not worthy...I'm not good enough...Geez, seems like a pretty good deal...

  • AND, until I can fully embrace this...I'm trusting the TRUST of the guides I've been fellow companions on the road

  • And, remember, our children are watching us...more HOW we do the things we do and LESS what we say...

  • Teach Your Children Well - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (be sure to stay for the messages in this video's closing credits). My inclusion of their timeless message is likely due to over 30 years in Sunday school - all at Church of the Intercessor in Malverne, NY. To this day, children continue to teach me WELL. FYI - I haven't graduated and am still learning every day...HOW TO LOVE...

  • I had meant to include their song link and remember/was reminded by my Guide just now. When I went back online to finfd the version I had planned to use, I found this touching one: San Francisco children sing the song to writer Graham Nash (there wasn't a dry eye in THIS house - Gee, that's another good song...but for another time). Please indulge me...two more...first one's the one I planned to use and second is Playing for Change's rendition:

And before we get into a little boxing with our shadows, here's an upbeat number that can serve as calisthenics for facing our darkness...

In light of what I penned above, we're ALWAYS connected to our SOURCE...whether we feel it or not...Like a light switch is ALWAYS powered...Higher Powered...all we gotta do is throw the switch. Enough talk, let's get up and dance...(and if you like this video guy, he's got more)


Listen in to my email reply to the good friend DoryAnne (almost 50 years) who recently reminded me and others about tonight's 7 PM Red Words Band event at Church of the Intercessor in Malverne, NY...50 St. Thomas Place

Dear Sister (Golden Hair):

Once again, you are a messenger...and it’s in our calendar – lookin forward! Now, to today’s “messenger” role...

I “RED your email right after my monthly men’s meeting with guys that, like our Gathering, also gather – because of Richard Rohr’s influence.

This morning’s theme centered around the circuitous paths we often take/follow on our way to ????? And, while trying to, as song states, “find our own way,” we are often surrounded even hounded by people that think THEY know what’s best for us. Several of this morning’s online crew spoke of “errant” children...Sound familiar? While Eileen and I don’t have one, I WAS ONE! Sh*t,, so much for some folks version of karma. “As for me and my house” I’m trusting that “mercy triumphs over judgment.”

Folks have written volumes about this age-old invitation to discover WHO we really are, while we’re trying to figure out WHAT to do with our lives – HOW the 3 steps forward REQUIRE the learning experiences/suffering of the 2 steps backwards. For me, my ego HAS to be humbled enough for me to yield to a Power greater than myself.

After reading your email, I went to the Red Words Band site (red rogues above) and was immediately drawn to this song:

--Mike Perrone doing lead vocal

See, this is where I’ve been spending time – all the messengers are pointing and saying, “This is the way...walk in it...”

A long time ago (the 60’s), in a TV Land far away, the indigenous residents of the land, while fleeing their persecuting “visitors” (a serious matter that some are now trying to address), while fleeing, they experienced even more troubles ...well, I’m gonna let them tell it:

Of course, since that fateful story was told, the “H” in their name morphed into an “F” and a whole subculture developed – I’ll leave you to dig deeper.

Continuing the humorous interlude (“lude” means “to play”)...

Let’s get serious, while remembering to not take our selves too seriously...Ahh, a delicate balancing act..

This next one is similar to the image that greets travelers to my site:

From “Uncle John’s Band”

(This morning [July 10, 2021], I brought this next musical offering to my mens' group brothers, introducing it as “Now, for a reading from the Prophet Robert.”

After reading my FAVORITE of the band’s many wonder-filled tunes, I mentioned that “Robert” referred to the lyricist - Robert Hunter.

Selections from the Gospel of Uncle John:

“If I knew the way, I would take you there”

“That path is for your steps alone”

More lyrics that remind us of the brevity...

These next lyrics for me summarize the heart of the “gospels” of all traditions:

Here’s another modern prophet telling us...warning us...of the importance of this journey to discover, as Richard/Ram Dass said, to discover what we have in common, rather than just what we perceive to divide us...

“We’re all just walking each other home” – Ram Dass

Appearing in this 1-minute clip as “Richard Alpert” and before the next phase of his ongoing (and life long) awakening experiences in India and everywhere, he talks about the goal of all methods of “enlightenment” is to experience our union – with ourselves, others and what some call “g-d” – as we/they currently understand “g-d.”

And I’ll end with a reading from the Prophet and Musical Evangelist – John

This next link is here for me to remind myself to explore a little of this oft-cited piece...

Musical Addenda to my email to my friend

TREVOR HALL - The Fruitful Darkness

Just saw Trevor Hall at Mulcahy's in Wantagh. Here's one of his songs about the critical role of "darkness" in our journey.

"When I look back on those years gone by

All those mountains standing in my mind

I could have folded, could have turned around

But all good stories have their ups and downs"

"The dark within my dark

Is where I found my light"

"So, I had to find my way through

I had to find my way through

I had to find my way through

I had to find my way through"

"The fruitful darkness

Is all around us

In bloom"


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