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My Girl…I’ve even got the month of May & all other months with YOU...

Happy Birthday Eileen Song (00:51)

Let's get right onto the dance floor...

The Temptations - My Girl (02:57)

This next one's here because as we awoke, you started our day together with some beautiful ballads from John...

Sunshine on my Shoulders Makes Me Happy. - John Denver. (03:35)

You included this classic as we were starting our day together...

Bellamy Brothers - Let Your Love Flow (1976) (03:08)

Good Day Sunshine - The Beatles (02:05)

Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles (03:10)

GuruGanesha Band - A Thousand Suns - Introducing Paloma Devi (07:04)

Ella Fitzgerald - Sunshine of your Love (Cream cover) (05:27)

Earthly Origins of the Girl I Love...

Wednesday May 28, 1952 @ 2:10 PM

After graduating from your nursing program at Molloy with a focus on mental health, you were back there an employee in this now psychiatric facility..

Metaphorically, below is one way to interpret this return...Likely inspired by the fruit of our physical and mystical UNION...our son this land is one of the MANY places he's taken us..."FURTHUR"...


Concerning Hobbits (02:59)


This Phil Lesh album "appeared" in the search results...likely inspired by our recent collaboration with our Labyrinth Lady - Janet Rudolph...See further down...

First track on this project...perfect for your birthday!

Celebration - Phil Lesh (04:48)

Celebration in the wind Open the doors, let the show begin Come like lightning, come like rain Come on the double with your ball and chain Come with your trouble, your sweat and strain Check 'em all at the door with your grief and pain Celebration, like days of old When everything was solid gold Silver, diamonds, pearls and wine Blood and roses, both yours and mine Sunlight shining on a midnight line That opens and closes like a holy shrine Let a fresh wind tear through your soul Swallow your sorrow and deliver you whole Give you reason to believe again But finish that prayer before you say Amen Celebration, one on one Hold your judgement till it's done Until the last wheel is spun and still The final sunbeam sets on the hill The curtain not only fallen but burned The very last lesson studied and learned

Celebration, the ball's in play There was never no yesterday Just one time the spirit moves Proving whatever the spirit proves Nothing to win and nothing to lose Stepping on nobody's blue suede shoes Let a fresh wind tear through your soul Swallow your sorrow and deliver you whole Give you reason to believe again But finish that prayer before you say Amen You say there's nothing left to celebrate Just stolen elections, corruption and hate Come on, come on let the good times roll It means more now than you'll ever know Begin again, don't you ever give up Tryin' to fit the ocean in a six ounce cup Begin again as though the world will hear Speak your truth both loud and clear Speak it like a beast howling in the wind Speak it from the heart like an innocent child Speak it from the mountain, speak it from the plain Speak it like the whistle on a northbound train

Speak it with honor, speak it with pride Speak it from the meadow by the riverside Speak it from experience, speak it from fame Speak it from the gutter with an unknown name Speak it from the rooftops of the town Speak it from the tenements tumbling down Speak it from the podium, speak it from the stage Speak it from the prison in tones of rage Speak it in the tongues of gods and men Say it, say it, say it, say it again Speak it from the pits or from heaven above In celebration, baby, speak it with love Celebration, you know it's true There was no one until there was you You say where, I'll say when, we'll Get it together and begin again Like recognition of lovers and friends In celebration that never ends Celebration - in full sweet swing Of everyone and everything That causes hopes and dreams to rise Bringing love light to your eyes Bringing laughter to your heart Celebration, let it start

Let a fresh wind tear through your soul Swallow your sorrow and deliver you whole Like a breath of summer in a winter land Blowing rhythm so simple, hearts can easily understand


My first encounter with these powerful pathways was after one of my monthly Men2Men circles on the sacred Brentwood grounds of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Guys, come join me on every second Saturday. We feature good companions for the foxholes of life and good vittles: We eat in the Sisters' cafeteria...Lots of hot and cold options!

On one Saturday after our circle, I made a left turn instead of a right...

Note: See link at the end for two posts about Thera Farm.


A while later, I connected with another Long Island trailblazer - Janet Rudolph - and Eileen joined me and others at St. Francis Church in North Bellmore for some more labyrinth wandering, wondering, meandering...

1692 Bellmore Avenue

North Bellmore, NY, 11710

United States


The Magic of the Labyrinth by Janet Maika’i Rudolph

Janet's Facebook Page


Watermelon T-Man: THERA FARMS: FOOD & MUSIC THERApea (Aug. 2022)

Family Farms: Feeding America One Crop at a Time (Feb. 2023)

Eileen, May Our Wonder Years Continue...TOGETHER & with Friends...

Snatam Kaur - Long Time Sun (09:13)

Trevor Hall - MOON / SUN (Live in Concert) (04:13)

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