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Musical Ammunition-1: Intl Reggae Day (July 1)/New Video For Bob Marley's "No Woman No Cry"

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Musical Ammunition-1: International Reggae Day (July 1) Celebrated With New Official Music Video For Bob Marley’s ‘No Woman No Cry’

This is a time of widespread social unrest caused by the ongoing injustices resulting from the interlocking evils of systemic racism, poverty, climate change and ecological devastation, militarism and the war economy, and the distorted moral narrative of religious nationalism.


HOW we choose to respond is critical. For me, music with mindful messages delivers more effective power than bullets and Molotov cocktails thrown through storefront windows.

One of the enduring musical prophets of social change is Bob Marley.


(from the article) In observance of the late and legendary Bob Marley’s 75th Birthday, and in honor of the July 1 International Reggae Day celebrations, an official music video for Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry,” premiered today.

[about this new video] Directed by Kristian Mercado Figueroa and shot in Jamaica and New York City, the powerful visual explores two tales of a family divided by country but connected by their love and want for a better life for their children. We see a strong and loving Mother strive to look after her children in their homeland. At the same time, the Father works tirelessly, isolated in New York City, working as a taxi driver to better provide for his family back home. The video shines a light on the importance of family and connection while confronting the genuine struggles many families face in the modern world, often forced apart due to poverty. The video for “No Woman No Cry” debuted on Bob Marley’s Official YouTube Channel.

Note: "No Woman, No Cry" means "No, woman, nuh cry" where "nuh" is the equivalent of the English "don't" in Jamaican Patois. So, the line is actually addressed to a woman and tells her not to cry.

For more information on children and women-focused programs and resources and more info on International Reggae Day, please visit the link at the top of this section.


(from this article) But before Marley was known popularly [but incorrectly] as the patron saint of drug-fueled escapism and vacuous "peace and love" messages, he was one of our finest and most radical political revolutionaries. He was a harsh critic of capitalist and imperialist systems. The vast majority of his canon is aimed at tearing down these false idols in order to replace them with a new system of consciousness.

[Article contains] the 14 lyrics [and links to their songs] that will keep Marley's legacy pure and uncompromisingly radical, like it needs to be.

I’ve added the following new video links to replace the ones in this article that were broken or weren’t included. The article is worth reading…take some time to absorb its message…

(from the above article)

8. On grassroots resistance

"If you are the big tree, we are the small axe, ready to cut you down, to cut you down!"

With his lyrical mastery, Marley could make the Bible seem as subversive as the Communist Manifesto. The revolutionary language in Marley's "Small Axe" is shrouded in biblical allusions. The axe metaphor comes from Matthew 3:10. And the song's second verse ("Whosoever diggeth the pit / Shall fall in it, fall in it") is straight out of Proverbs.

Jamaican politicians saw Marley’s reggae music as dangerous as his lyrics spoke about their oppression of the people. In the interview part of this clip, a former CIA person talks about CIA involvement in Jamaican politics. Showing tremendous faith in Jah and the resulting courage it gave him, Bob returns to the Peace Concert just two days after being shot. Later in the video, another musician likens Bob to Joseph, who after his brothers sold him into slavery, returns and feeds those same brothers.

The Irish Harp – an instrument of Revolution

DYK – The English once outlawed the harp, considering it a subversive instrument when in the hands of wandering minstrels, who used their craft to spread tales of English oppression among the townsfolk they visited. A friend who’s a harpist told me this story.

Mon, tis apple don’t fall far from da tree – like father, like sons

Son Ziggy doin’ “So Much Trouble in the World

Son Stephen also followed in his father’s business, including collaborating with the Playing for Change Band on three songs. You can check these out in my blog post.


(Peace Script)

This song came up while I was writing this peace [sic]. Begins with an impassioned speech by Dr. Martin Luther King...

Another Bob…with more prophetic words…coming soon to a post near you…

Musical Armory

Music is my Ammunition – Playing for Change wailin’ on Bob Marley’s philosophy

“The songs of my ancestors still ricochet through the wind, And the smoke is rising through the words I and I sing. Music is my ammunition; I fire down Babylon!”

Legolas? (LOTR)...

Hawkeye? (Marvel Avengers)...

I’ll blow yer brains out…

New heavy metal Marvel character - AXEMAN & his weapon of choice to deafen his enemies...

I always count on the deviantart site to deliver a payload.

Peace Soldier...

Support the Arts - Artists of all Types are Agents of Social Change

Peace thru Music,



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