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MEATLOAF leftovers...How we gonna doctor it up? MUSHROOMS!

Seeing it's Sunday...

Entrance Hymn...Her...They...Them...

Brew Crew: Here's my next entry in your employee "contest". Comes all the way from my sister-in-law LINDA in Connecticut.

[from the article] We love Ina Garten’s entertaining tips and cooking style. Rather than spending hours on fussy, complicated dishes, she focuses on simple, comforting foods that are delicious and make everyone feel right at home. And what’s more comforting than a classic, family-favorite meat loaf?

True to the Barefoot Contessa’s style, this recipe has no hard-to-find ingredients or unfamiliar techniques. Ina’s simple meat loaf uses ground chuck, onions, breadcrumbs and fresh thyme, with ketchup spread over the top.

Meatloaf 1550's

Meatloaf 1950's

Mushrooms 1960's


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