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MARVEL-dome Competition - next hints

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

FYI - The underlined words and phrases are not hyperlinks; rather, they are being used to emphasize the hints.

I would have sent the next hints on Tuesday afternoon, but, as Gandalf said, “I was delayed.”

Justin case you missed the previous hint from Sunday’s email – here it is: You’ll have an “edge” if you stayed til the end and watched the video clip that rolled after the Spiderman credits.

Next Hints:

If you think you’re fierce enough to challenge this fellow competitor – then breathe deep and tally ho! If not, and you turn back, there may come a day when you’ll look back and lament.

There have been some long summer days since I sent the invitation to participate in this contest and asked you to...

...Reply with song lyrics that could sum up the new Spiderman movie.

Please think about it. So, if you get up early before the day begins and you think you know the answer, just reply. Don’t let another morning go by without taking a shot at it. You could use your lunch break, too.

So, if you have time to get away, take a few minutes out and see if you can answer the question:

What song lyrics could be used to sum up the new Spiderman movie?

Winners and answers this Sunday



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