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Jews in Space -2: Astronauts, Scientists, Writers and more...

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

I’m Amazed-but-not-Surprised Department

As I mentioned in Jews in Space - 1, finding articles like this next one is becoming a new phenomenon in my writing….it's where I begin with a humorous take on a topic and it then leads me…leads us…to a serious handling of this topic...

Here's my starting point for this space adventure...

--features accomplishments of astronauts, both male and female; actors and actresses like Leonard Nimoy; scientists like Carl Sagan, filmmakers like Mel Brooks; authors and more...

Prompted by his mention in the previous article, this next story provides a peek at Hugo Gernsback. Isaac Asimov has termed Gernsback the “father of science fiction,” without whose work he says his own career could never have taken off. Ray Bradbury has stated that “Gernsback made us fall in love with the future.”

--He creatively combined two of his passions: scientific inquiry and storytelling into a successful career.

"Owing to their historical import, many of Gernsback's publications are now preserved at the Smithsonian Libraries on microfiche and in print, 50 years after his death on August 19, 1967."

The inaugural issue of Gernsback's Amazing Stories magazine. Young readers—in several cases the sci-fi writers of the future—could expect an exciting blend of adventure and technology in every fresh installment.

--much of what he predicted has already come into existence in some form

A doctor's diagnosis "by radio" on the cover of the February, 1925 issue of Science and Invention magazine

The man of 1975 signs important documents by videophone (1925)

Here's a 2018 piece on "Jews in Space"

[from the article] NEW YORK — A new exhibit at New York's Center for Jewish History chronicles the ties between Jewish culture and exploration of the cosmos, and includes some incredible artifacts from the history of astronomy and space exploration.

"Jews In Space" officially debuted at the center on Monday, Feb. 26, in partnership with the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. Walk through the exhibit hall and you'll find rare 18th and 19th century rabbinic tomes on astronomy in Hebrew, German and Yiddish, as well as a dreidel, a Torah pointer, a traveling menorah and other religious artifacts that traveled into space with the first Jewish American astronaut, Jeffrey Hoffman. The exhibit also features mementos from other Jewish space travelers, memorabilia from science fiction, and a detailed timeline of Jewish accomplishments in astronomy and spaceflight.

"After some research, it became apparent that there was a fair amount of material in the realms of traditional texts, science fiction, pop culture, science and actual space programs,: Portnoy said. "[Melanie and I] both love Mel Brooks, so the title became 'Jews in Space,' which was taken from a parody trailer that appears at the end of 'History of the World, Part I.'"

Also from this article...How cool is this? Three of my favorite memories all wrapped up in one image: Star Trek...Mad Magazine...and Avis Rent-a-Car's motto (my career job):

I poked around in Online Space and found this:

Seems Alfred E is a's Spock...

May the Schwartz be with Us...

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