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Jerry Garcia Week: 9 DAZE OF HAIGHT – Day #2: Children of the Dead


If this doesn’t whet your appetite for more…You’re dead (small “d”)… some Jerry-tol might help…Read...Rock...on...


If anyone tells you music is a Dead end for kids…tell ‘em, “Huh?!” and draw your six-shooter…

Jerry (Source)

…then tell ‘em to “Roll over and play Dead!”

For nearly all my adult life I’ve worked in children’s ministry:

  • First, I love their energy, curiosity and imagination!

  • Next, they are our future and I want to have some part in helping create it…

(around town)


IMPORTANT: This is a parent’s responsibility…don’t leave it for someone else! That said, also go to school board meetings and lobby for the inclusion of our classics.

Before he was 18, our musician son had a better Dead collection than I did…Ahh! But not VINYL!

I was 40 when he was born and, years earlier, had given all my vinyl records to a nephew who loved music. See, I had become a Christian and somehow thought or was told that I couldn’t listen to that devil’s music. Years later (I’m now 74), when I became a “Friend of the Devil,” I began to see how much spirituality (that’s different from “religion”) was in what I had given away.

So, caregivers, after you’ve done your Dead-level best for their musical Deaducation, then you can take them to places like this:

Rock and Roll Playhouse

--This particular time, the Playhouse featured Texas’ Barton Hills Children’s Choir (see below)

Barton Hills Children’s Choir

Groups like this might just get another one (Other One) on the bus (i.e., a “Furthur” school bus)…to never ever land…where it doesn’t look like Kansas anymore…

Jerry as a teen (Source)

Check their links for more Dead and other bands. There’s hope for our future…


I’ve cited Playing for Change in so many blog posts. Besides their original works and their collaboration with the world’s most awesome musicians, PFC’s 501c3 Foundation builds and supports music education programs for children in under-served parts of our shared world.

Mission: Our mission is simple: to inspire and connect the world through music. We believe that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome the differences that divide us.

Our primary focus is to record, and film musicians performing in their natural environments and combine their talents and cultural power through a variety of videos.

Chances are, one of those videos brought you here today, along with millions of others music-lovers from every continent.

To date, we have produced nearly 400 videos, recorded over 1,400 musicians in 60+ countries, and touched the hearts of over 2 billion viewers through our music videos, performances, and school programs.

None of this would be possible without our loyal supporters. And for that, we thank you for helping us bring more music and more positive change into the world.

The Grateful Dead and Playing for Change

Members of the Grateful Dead family have long been involved with Playing for Change and moving the musical medicine around our planet.

My first awareness was via a PFC cover of “Ripple” that featured Billy as timekeeper, Jerry’s daughter Keelin on vocals j- all joined by Jimmy Buffett at Montauk, David Crosby and the Chicago Children’s Choir. It was released in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead.

Another was their fun collaboration with PFC as combined they covered the 1953 song “Iko Iko” originally written as a single by James "Sugar Boy" Crawford and his Cane Cutters. Billy and Mickey were featured, as well as Dr. John. For more fun versions of this song – including by the Dead, check out my Mardi Gras post:

--Features several songs


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