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Giving You My Deli Best

Updated: Apr 22, 2021


My initial inspiration for this post came from one of my sisters in Florida who sent a text and photos of an order she received in Florida from NY’s famous Katz’s Deli.

Sis: “A New York present 🎁. NY rye bread and black and white cookies.”

Me: “I'm becoming Jewish for Lent!!! Wow! What a feast!”

Me: “Not too shabbos-y!” (It was a Friday afternoon)

Me: “Let's see, if I catch a plane, I could be there in a few hours.”

Me: “In honor of your good fortune, here's a song called Noshville Katz...Katz's allows dancing in the aisles AND on the tables:

Me: “Here's the song again playing on a juke box.” (remember them?)

Me: “Looks like there really is such a joint...”

Me: “The song's writer is actually in the Songwriter's Hall of Fame.

One more on the history of Katz's including mention of how they're giving back during these trying times.

--A little chicken soup for the soul...

Mazel tov!”

Main Course

I told Eileen about my sister’s text and she found this really cool movie – tasty and funny and all true.

Deli Man movie trailer (2015)

--One movie reviewer cautioned to eat BEFORE watching.

The Rye or the Kaiser – Weird Al Yankovic

"JD Needs His Deli Meats" Stern Show Parody

“What do you call a religious animal that loves sandwiches?

The Deli Llama.” (source)

"Glatt Kosher Edible Things" - "My Favorite Things"

New York Sidewalk Deli

Second Helpings

This next one’s perfect for Shabbos and these kids are not to Shabb(os)y

Jewish Food (Based off of Katy Perry's "Roar") - Temple Beth Sholom of Orange County

--“Give me deli in my belly…”

The Deli Song (Corned Beef on Wry)

This next 2021 article is about the deli featured in the previous song…

How a Humble Jewish Deli Became a Mecca for LA Rock ‘n’ Roll

--The history of Canter’s Deli and its “Kibitz Room” – check out who’s played there...

--This deli is also included in the Deli Man movie.

“I want to start a cafe and fill it with surrealist paintings.

I'll call it Salvador Deli.” (source)


s this sandwich surrealist enough?

Katz's Delicatessen - in "When Harry Met Sally"

--Be sure to stay for the ending lines…

Woody Allen orders a ‘Woody Allen’ at Carnegie Deli

The Kosher Deli (joke)

--When Abe, Sam and Moshe were 40, they discussed where to meet for lunch...

Jones Beach Deli – Bellmore, NY

--WARNING: DO NOT go swimming for 2 DAYS after eating here...

The Food Police

Deli is a Spiritual Experience

After church is a perfect time for a snack. Where is a president to go? | It's A DC Thing (2021)

Is the Jewish deli the new synagogue? (2021)

Dessert (always leave ‘em laughing)

For this next image I’m thinking “Oh, what a night!” that must have been...

Samurai Delicatessen – SNL with John Belushi & Buck Henry

I’ll leave you with this

“May the Schwartz be with you...”


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First Take-out Thanksgiving -Tom Talkin’ Turkey with Wildlife: Robin, Fox, Peacock, Jack & 5 Alice’s

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