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Giving You My Deli Best

Updated: Apr 22, 2021


My initial inspiration for this post came from one of my sisters in Florida who sent a text and photos of an order she received in Florida from NY’s famous Katz’s Deli.

Sis: “A New York present 🎁. NY rye bread and black and white cookies.”

Me: “I'm becoming Jewish for Lent!!! Wow! What a feast!”

Me: “Not too shabbos-y!” (It was a Friday afternoon)

Me: “Let's see, if I catch a plane, I could be there in a few hours.”

Me: “In honor of your good fortune, here's a song called Noshville Katz...Katz's allows dancing in the aisles AND on the tables:

Me: “Looks like there really is such a joint...”

Me: “The song's writer is actually in the Songwriter's Hall of Fame.

--A little chicken soup for the soul...

Mazel tov!”

Main Course

I told Eileen about my sister’s text and she found this really cool movie – tasty and funny and all true.

--One movie reviewer cautioned to eat BEFORE watching.

The Rye or the Kaiser – Weird Al Yankovic

“What do you call a religious animal that loves sandwiches?

The Deli Llama.” (source)

New York Sidewalk Deli

Second Helpings

This next one’s perfect for Shabbos and these kids are not to Shabb(os)y

Jewish Food (Based off of Katy Perry's "Roar") - Temple Beth Sholom of Orange County

--“Give me deli in my belly…”

This next 2021 article is about the deli featured in the previous song…

--The history of Canter’s Deli and its “Kibitz Room” – check out who’s played there...

--This deli is also included in the Deli Man movie.

“I want to start a cafe and fill it with surrealist paintings.

I'll call it Salvador Deli.” (source)


s this sandwich surrealist enough?

--Be sure to stay for the ending lines…

--When Abe, Sam and Moshe were 40, they discussed where to meet for lunch...

--WARNING: DO NOT go swimming for 2 DAYS after eating here...

The Food Police

Deli is a Spiritual Experience

Dessert (always leave ‘em laughing)

For this next image I’m thinking “Oh, what a night!” that must have been...

I’ll leave you with this


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