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Felix Siete de Mayo!..."Juntos es mejor!"

Updated: May 7

I'm giving a shout out to one of our family's favorite FOOD FAMILIES - the Garza Family - the folks who cooked up SIETE FOODS based in Austin, TX.

I featured images of some of their tasty offerings in my recent post for Cinco de Mayo. There's a link at the end.

My love affair with Mexican foods began during my first surfing safari to Southern California in the summer of 1969. While enjoying the waves, we ventured south into Tijuana ("TJ" as the locals call it) and then further down Mexico's Baja Peninsula.

In Tijuana, this gringo made the mistake of thinking the red sauce on the table was ketchup. My mouth burned for days. Muy caliente!

Where we live on Long Island, NY, our stores carry some of the delicious Siete products...and because of cooking up this celebratory post, I'm gonna start looking for others I found today while visiting their website's "storefront."

"Life's eat dessert FIRST!"

So said Nanny my Irish grandmother ("Julia Burns"). I wholeheartedly agree with her and will begin by showing you some of my Siete favorites. I've enjoyed the first three and keep them in stock...and will be going on safari to find the fourth: "Fresa con Crema"...

When the chips are down (like when we're hungry), grab some Siete!

Some of our favorites are featured below.

  • FYI - The Churro's also belong in with the desserts.

  • Here's an easy way to remember how to spell "desert" & "dessert"...

    • "Dessert" has 2 s's because we always want SECONDS!

"Cinco de Siete":

Supermercado (supermarket)

Here are places you'll find more Siete (their site includes a store locator):

"Juntos es mejor!"



I don't speak Spanish but here's one of my favorite musicians doing his English version of "Juntos es mejor"!!!

Fans love to sing along with Jack...

More admiring fans...

I'm a young 76 and still love animations, cartoons and the like...

Here's One for our Shared World...where it's also "Juntos es Mejor"!

Jack teamed up with the amazing musicians from Playing for Change (PFC) and sends his good vibrations all around our shared planet...

FYI - PFC's mission statement is "Peace through Music" and they foster the arts by building schools for children in under-served parts of our world community...

Fittingly, Jack's community-building song begins with a children's group...

...and includes them in other scenes...

Cinco de Mayo Post


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