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Fasting: 40 Days for Change

Hello, Sat Nam, Namaste, Buenos Dias, Bonjour…

This post is the natural/balancing segue to my earlier "Feasting: Mardi Gras - Happy Fat Tuesday." As such, the info in the first few paragraphs is repeated from there.

Letting you know I’m taking some time off for things that weren’t important yesterday…As such, I just did my last Facebook post for the next 40 DAYS

(Whew! As I typed “40,” my laptop’s AI auto-prompted in grey “years.”)

I’m simply yielding to the accumulated wisdom in spiritual traditions…wisdom that encourages us to periodically take “timeouts” from our usual activities. In the Christian tradition that formed me, the season of Lent which begins tomorrow is such a time. In the Kundalini yoga tradition I follow, these times of refreshment, reordering and renewal are practiced daily as “sadhana’s” – some with specific purposes.

RITuals help bring balance to RUTuals…

That said, if you’d like to have an old-fashioned conversation; or, better still, share a cup of coffee at my favorite hangout (Witches Brew in West Hempstead) or yours…GRATE!!! You can find my contact info on my Home Page.

FYI - This Tom the Baptist ain’t going into the wilderness of lions and tigers and bears…Oh! My! – Without my daily bean!!!


For those like me that have been wounded by toxic forms of masculinity – especially those that present G-d as solely male, I also offer soully female versions of our Source's invitations to come to the quiet…to slow down...and meet in our heart’s center…


Let It Be (The Beatles) - Gabriella Quevedo (0:04:41) -acoustic, sans paroles [without words])


--John even includes lyrics of a welcoming male presence along with a female one…

Anything by him can be calming, heart-opening, healing…

"Quiet down the mind

The more the song will play"

Trevor shares some personal background and introduces this song with a story about his “transitioning” grandmother and her words to him “Isn’t time such a wonderful gift.”

I’ve enjoyed Trevor at Mulcahy’s in Wantagh.


FYI – I’ve enjoyed both these artists when they performed separately…even did a Kundalini yoga workshop with Snatam.

--Also enjoyed them at NYC’s Town Hall

--This wonderful pairing of musicians includes: Angelika Baumbach & Markus Sieber.

“Ma” is the 4th syllable of the Sa Ta Na Ma chant in the kundalini yoga tradition that I practice. See “Yogapedia link below for more information.


“Sadhana is the yogic term for daily spiritual practice. It is one of the main tools for working on the self and achieving a higher state of consciousness. Though “sadhana” is the yogic term used here, sadhana can really be any practice you do to promote personal well-being—whether that’s yoga, meditation, prayer, exercise, or any other health-promoting habit.

The key with sadhana is consistency and discipline.” (my added emphasis)

“The individual syllables of sa ta na ma are letters in the Sanskrit alphabet and are also the linguistic root in the common Sanskrit phrase “sat nam,” which means “my true essence” or “my true identity”. This implies that your identity is the ultimate being; as that is everyone’s true essence. The individual syllables are attributed as:

Sa — birth, beginning and the totality of the cosmos

Ta — life, existence and creativity manifest

Na — death and transformation

Ma — rebirth, regeneration and consciously experiencing the joy of the Infinite”

"This meditation brings mental balance. Through this practice, the mind awakens to the infinite capacity of the soul for sacrifice, service, and creation. It is said that a person who meditates on this sound current for 2.5 hours a day for a year, will know the unknowable and see the unseeable.

Research has shown that 12 minutes of Kirtan Kriya a day can improve cognition and memory function and helps to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease."



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