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Erin Go BEAR...

Updated: Mar 20

I needed to find an appropriate tune to provide Furthur inspiration for a whimsical tale involving the Grateful Dead and St. Patrick's Day. Well, the luck of the Irish was with me (I'm half Irish and me mate Eileen is full-blooded ), and my muse married my intention to a "Corker"...Keep on readin'...

FYI - My punny title has already been used and copyrighted:

I even made a festive QR code for this happy occasion:. It links to me happy tune.

Click me, there’s Whiskey in the Jar…

3/20/24 UPDATE: See end for Metallica's raucous version, thanks to Witches Brew barista AJ...

NOW, this is verifiable SHAM ROCK!


[from the article below] Although the time of the ancient Celts has long passed, their culture still lives on today. You can find it in how the Celtic nations – Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and a little area of France (Brittany) still celebrate and live their ancient Celtic culture – but you can also find it throughout modern popular culture. 

Celtic Knots have become one of the most popular ways people celebrate and connect with their Celtic ancestry, from tattoos, jewelry, and pottery, to clothing, accessories, and homewares.

These Celtic knot designs are found everywhere. 

So, what actually is a Celtic knot? A Celtic knot is a woven design with interlaced patterns based on traditional three and four-chord plaits.

They have no beginning and no end, which is why many Celtic knot meanings are connected to eternity and eternal life. 

Are you ready to learn more about the eight traditional variations of the Celtic knot?

Wake the Dead Band - A Celtic Take on the Dead

Welcome to the WAKE THE DEAD website — home of the World’s Only Celtic All-Star Grateful Dead Jam Band. Since 2000, this hot Northern California septet has been blending Celtic traditional music and the songs of the Grateful Dead—at first impressing the Dead themselves enough for them to release the début CD on Grateful Dead/Arista Records. Now, ever more inventive and ever more energetic, WAKE THE DEAD spreads their reach to embrace the entire Summer of Love, keeping it alive for Deadheads and Celtoids alike as only they can. (SOURCE)

Check out their "ghoul" (cool) album artwork:

The Band:

Cindy Browne — Bass

Danny Carnahan — Octave Mandolin, Fiddle, Vocals

Kevin Carr — Fiddle, Uilleann Pipes, Galician Pipes

Sylvia Herold — Guitar, Vocals

Paul Kotapish — Mandolin, Vocals

Brian Rice — Percussion, Vocals


  1. These search words led here...there...and everywhere...

And the Guinness World Record for...Goes to... [SOURCE]

2. And here...

3. And here...

--Article includes an audio track....46:43 minutes of the one song...To locate the "Playing in the Band" track, scroll through the audio player in the article.

"Hear's" another way to listen:

Tales from the Crypt: The Dancing Pint

Eileen's nephew Mike Duffy hails from Massachusetts. In the day time he teaches high school...And after hours you can find him strumming his guitar to the delight of friends and family. Here's his most recent release...A fitting tale of fact and blarney...

INTERMISSION...After a Dead show cleanup

RememBEARing my sister JULIE - my Irish twin...

After I posted this tale, my sister Peggy sent this photo of an Irish bear that belonged to another of our sisters - Julie, who's presently caring for all the stuffed animals in heaven...who, in turn, are playing with the children who brought them along.

Born 364 days after me, she will always be my Irish twin...

In Boston...Basketball is DEAD...

[from this article] The Grateful Dead took the stage at The Centrum in Worcester, Massachusetts, on Nov. 4, 1985. Band members Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Brent Mydland, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann checked their instruments, ensuring they were ready and then launched into the set opener “Alabama Getaway.”

Sitting off to the side on the stage that night were members of the Boston Celtics, including noted Deadhead Bill Walton.

Thirty-five years ago, Walton enticed members of the Celtics, including Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Rick Carlisle and Robert Parish among others to attend two Grateful Dead concerts on Nov. 4-5.

“Two of my favorite subjects – the Grateful Dead and Boston Celtics,” Walton told USA TODAY Sports on Monday.

For Walton, basketball and music are passions, and he ascribes a personal philosophy to both.

Hmmm...Bill as a toddler???



The above inclusion of the word "crypt" leads here:

"That's It for the Other One" is a song by American band the Grateful Dead. Released on the band's second studio album Anthem of the Sun, it is made up of four sections—"Cryptical Envelopment", "Quadlibet for Tenderfeet", "The Faster We Go, the Rounder We Get", and "We Leave the Castle". Like other tracks on the album, is a combination of studio and live performances mixed together to create the final product.

While the "We Leave the Castle" portion of the song was never performed live by the band, the first three sections were all featured in concert to differing extents. "Cryptical Envelopment", written and sung by Jerry Garcia, was performed from 1967 to 1971, when it was then dropped aside from a select few performances in 1985. "The Faster We Go, the Rounder We Get", written by Bill Kreutzmann and Bob Weir and sung by Weir, became one of the band's most frequently performed songs in concert (usually denoted as simply "The Other One").[2] [Wikipedia]

3/20/24 UPDATE: "HEAR'S" Metallica's raucous version, thanks to Witches Brew barista AJ...

At first take, this venue looks like castle walls...Hmm, are they designed that keep something OUT...OR, to keep something in...Let's see...


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