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End Electile Dysfunction…End the FiliBLUSTER…

Pass the Freedom to VOTE Act


get UP…stand UP – Bob Marley (in Munich)


Mark Ruffalo Stars In Parody Ad 'Electile Dysfunction' (

Act: Send a Message to your Elected Officials:

Fix Electile Dysfunction (

Text "ED" to 35565

to see if the FTVA is right for you. *

* The FTVA is only for republics healthy enough for democratic activity.

For more information: End Corruption. Defend our Republic and Fix our Broken Elections (

Let’s get our limp government turned back ON

Taking back OUR power may seem like a "monumental" task, but if we work together with similarly-minded folks...we can make a difference

“I’d love to turn you ON

Click to turn ON --> A Day in the Life – The Beatles

More Protest Songs for Manchin* [sic] in the Streets (yeah, you read it right!)

* Feel free to substitute the names of other flaccid leaders…and the “hard-on’s” too – like McConnell

FILIBUSTER - a Parody of Land Down Under | Don Caron

ED is a worldwide phenomenon - as indicated by these songs from around the globe

Protest Song – Neil Innes (Monty Python, The Rutles, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band)

Just Give Me the Truth – John Lennon

--video shows that a shortage of truth is occurring everywhere

Power to the People – John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band Power to the People – Curtis Mayfield And this piece on Curtis’ influence on the American civil rights movement.

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