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Eden, your soul now has a voice...So SING!!!

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

RICHIE: Wonder-full!!! Through you and MaryAnn and your offspring... another soul has found a body…

Name This Child...

Eden + Ciel (“sky” in French)

--One site says people who like the name Ciel also like:

Theo, Sebastian, Lucien, Finn, Noah, Ronan, Felix, Anais, Aurora, Evangeline, Luna, Camille, Genevieve, Cosette

“Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning Born of the one light, Eden saw play”

Morning Has Broken = Yusuf/Cat Stevens (03:19)

--This song was playing over the PA system at midnight in Mercy Hospital on October 8, 1988 as Eileen was guiding our son John into this world of form...

Another beautiful version...

Cat Stevens - Morning Has Broken (03:19)

Let's set our intention: May Eden grow up into the space imagined by this next soul and those like him...

“Above us only sky…”

John Lennon - Imagine (live 1975) (03:01)

Another version...

IMAGINE. (Ultimate Mix, 2020) - John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band (03:53) A "sky" song bursting with feminine energy…

Pink Floyd - The Great Gig In The Sky (05:18)

Grateful Peanuts

Never too early to share with our little ones the realities of life and death, gain and loss...with a light touch…

Peanuts Gang Singing "Spirit in the Sky" by: Norman Greenbaum (04:54)

--while the above image is playful, the song's lyrics are DEADly are the video's images of children performing acts of civil disobedience.

--Save it for an appropriate time in her life...

--Here's Throwing Stones - Grateful Dead (04:38)

Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion - Grateful Dead (02:03)

--For Kids - features the Banana Splits

Golden Road (to unlimited devotion) illustrated/comic (02:08)

--For Kids of all ages

Golden Road Mashup (05:21) featuring Alice, Frank Zappa, and other assorted and sordid characters...

--For Adults...Awesome fun...

And now for something completely different…

...Just another example of your "Uncle" Steve's wisdom (he's your Grandpa's friend who lives in the woods in East Hampton):

"There's a Grateful Dead song for every occasion."

Grateful Dead - "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" 3-24-93 (04:58)

GRATEFUL KIDS...from the beginning

For the HoliDAZE

Sometimes the Night Light's all shining on you...

Kinda looks like your Grandpa once looked


The Other One-zy (11:02) (for the adults)

Early transportation

Toddler Bear

For her first day at school


They Love Each Other - by the Barton Hills Choir (BHC-Austin. TX) (03:18)

--BHC website

--BHC YouTube channel

Ripple Dance Studio

Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids play "Ripple" (03:59)

PT Class at the beach

Eden might ask, "Grandpa, what did you "Dew" when you were younger?"

Tye-Dye Chi

Mountain Girl pose

Amazon link

Family Pic-i-nick Bears (sorry, Yogi)

You’re Not High: Grateful Dead Totally Just Released a Care Bears Cooler Collab (RollingStone)

--With Care Bears replacing dancing bears, the officially-licensed Igloo cooler is perfect for your next long strange trip


Daughters of the Sky - Clamavi De Profundis (04:13)

Alternative DEADucation

The Rock and Roll Playhouse's Music of The Grateful Dead for Kids :: Brooklyn Bowl :: 11/11/18 (1:03:04)



When she's older...let her pick her team...from these...or others...

FLA@SF: Grateful Dead perform national anthem - 4/12/93 (02:43)

SIKH...and you shall find...

These next songs for children of all ages are from a musician I was introduced to when I enrolled in a Kundalini yoga class at Echo Park in West Hempstead, NY. Elena, our teacher played her in every class. When I started to listen to her in my home practices, Yogi YouTube began recommending similar artists and my musical soul began waking up...

"The more you love music...the more music you love."

--Ryan Flynn, Malverne, NY

Snatam is from the Sikh tradition. These and other songs offer children examples of positive self-affirmations...

"I AM..."

Feeling Good Today - Snatam Kaur (04:11)

I Am the Light of My Soul - Snatam Kaur (05:27)

Feeling Good Today - Snatam Kaur (04:26)

--same as above with beautiful images of children

The Sun Shines On Everyone - Snatam Kaur (08:16)

Another artist from this tradition

Bliss (I Am the Light of My Soul) - Sirgun & Sat Darshan (08:13)

--toddler has the original masters teaching her poses like cat stretch and downward-facing dog...


Black light poster art...Day the beginning...

"In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" Iron Butterfly (01:57) - Kids Rock Chorus

--this song is about the Garden of Eden but when the band recorded it, they had been drinking to much wine and famously slurred out these words...

The Hidden Meaning Behind In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (article)

--This article led me to this next video

The Simpsons - In the Garden of Eden - S07E04 (01:56)

--For Adults (HELLarious!!!)

Garden of Eden - New Riders of the Purple Sage (10:46)

PLAYLIST-1 (for kids)

PLAYLIST-2 (for grownups)

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